11 Building Organizations Committed to Respecting Good Practice

Helping the construction sector to bear the effects of shortages, high costs of materials and energy costs: this is the aim of a joint declaration of sectoral solidarity signed on 11 July 2022 along with the state by 11 employers. Organizations (1) in construction and public works. This initiative is intended to be a tangible extension of the creation of a Crisis Committee, in mid-2021, brought together around Business Mediation Services. The latter has just published, for the occasion, a first series of good practices endorsed by the Signing Representatives (the detailed list can be consulted by clicking here).

Also promote text to general buyers

“It is an important signature for an equally important sector”Welcome Olivia Gregoire, the new Delegate Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises and Crafts. The challenge in this text, in her opinion, is “To undermine this infernal circle that the business broker knows so well.” In times of inflation, that is, price increases that affect the entire production and supply chain, which often ends up draining the cash flow of VSEs and at the same time slowing down the activity of large groups.

Meetings that followed each other for over a year resulted in this declaration of intent, the purpose of which is to list good practices and distribute them to as many people as possible. Despite everything, Olivia Gregoire realized a blind spot: the absence of representatives of public buyers. To correct this, the Minister assures us that there will be “Advertising promotion to general buyers”.

In the event that the charter is not respected by a player in the sector, he will be notified of a type of system recall, referring to the commitment made today by the signatories. The idea is to convey a message to the representative that his behavior is not part of a solidarity approach, a fortiori in the delicate economic context of many companies. “Believe me, this alone can have an effect.”confirms Pierre Belozet, business broker.

first step …

commercial mediation “will accompany the implementation of this declaration”We read in a press release issued on Monday, July 11, 2022 by the Ministry of Economy. “In 2021, 18% of mediations were related to the construction industry, compared to 13% in 2020. Currently, this sector accounts for nearly 20% of brokerage orders and requests.”

“It’s a point of pride because it’s the first time, I think, that representatives from the upstream to downstream sector have agreed to work together”Adds Pierre Belouse. According to him, the charter sends a message: Face à la flambée des prix, on ne peut pas faire comme avant. Quand tout va bien, on peut passer la hausse à son voisin, mais quand ça coince, on entre dans le rapport de force, ce qui fait naître des tensions dans the channel.”

Among the strengths of the document is a list of good practices to adopt and bad ones to avoid, but also “big job” Conducted on indices and price indices which do not necessarily reflect the current realityAdds Business Ombudsman. “The Crisis Committee allowed this sector agreement by identifying actors who did not necessarily play the game and we can say that it worked well; the simple fact of invoking the committee was apparently enough to change behavior!”the business ombudsman rejoices.

Before qualifying: “This is only a first list, and we will continue to promote these good practices. It is a balanced and evolving text. The work is ongoing.”

…before Assises du BTP in September

Future construction and public works conferences should enable this “It leads to a clear reinforcement of solidarity in the sector in the service of our customers and employment in France, with the support of the state”asks Olivier Saleron, president of the French Federation of Building (FFB), in a press release issued the same day.

It should be noted, however, that no consensus has been reached on this Charter of Commitment. The Federation of Crafts and Small Builders (Capeb) in particular refrained from initialing the document, expressing its solidarity. Reason: The script won’t go far enough in supporting VSE SMBs. The organization particularly regrets the lack of a “Potential notice period to notify companies in advance of future price hikes”As stated in a press release issued today. “We can only be satisfied with the work that has been done for a year”, admitted Jean-Christophe Ripon, its president, during a press conference in Bercy. But he also maintains that the device is missing part of its intent towards craftsmen, VSEs-SMEs. “We found the approach cool. That’s why we’re in solidarity but not signed.”

“The text is a declaration of goodwill, a reminder of positive law, without any restriction.”

The National Federation of Public Works (FNTP), although it signed the charter which makes it possible to put forward positions of solidarity, considered that the text did not take sufficient account of the idea of ​​the sustainability of corporate activity, beyond mere inflation issues. “The text is a declaration of goodwill, a reminder of positive law, without any restriction.”ITU Director General Julian Guise governs. “Our topic is the fight against inflation but also the continuation of activity. I insist on supporting activity more than fighting inflation, otherwise we risk inflation and stagnation.”

Also present at the negotiating table, Françoise Despres, president of CNATP (National Chamber of Public Works and Landscape Crafts), felt that attention could not be solely focused on public procurement either: “To preserve our companies and our employees, we would also like to take action in private markets”she replied.

Support for VSEs-SMEs

This signature symbolizes, and defines, the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire, the launch of the Assises du BTP, which the sector is eagerly awaiting. “I will meet, next September, with the players in the sector to announce the first measures in terms of economic balance of operations, simplification and environmental transformation.”, Confirms. The public authorities hope that this first Commitment Statement will improve relations between the various players, in particular by supporting small and medium-sized businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises.

While the business mediator will continue his task of conciliation and guidance to the Crisis Committee, the Government therefore wishes to send ‘Very strong signal’ For the construction industry to encourage dialogue. And to prepare the next blow: Assises du BTP, which must be held at the beginning of the school year. “These evaluations should definitely be a moment of movement.”says Olivia Gregoire. “We want this document to be the start of something, perhaps a National Building Council where we meet regularly”Oliver Saleron adds.

It will be understood that all representatives, whether they are signatories of the Code of Good Conduct or not, have bet a lot on these famous Asssizes of the BTP. Percy seems to have understood this: “From the beginning of the school year, in the framework of the assessments, the actors will be able to move forward while continuing the issues, for example the energy transition. The assessments will allow the actors in the ecosystem to see what measures can be brought into the finance bill”The minister concluded.

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