12 Noon Shots: Jean-Luc Reichmann “Heart Touched” by This Ex-Alcoholic!

Jean-Luc Reichmann has been a happy presenter of 12 Noon for 12 years already. If the audience appreciates him so much and that he is one of the best animators of Channel One, it is for good reasons. In fact, he is a man with a good sense of humor, with joy of living overflowing. But above all, it is good manThis is one of its basic characteristics. So Thursday, August 11th when a candidate spoke out about his concerns about alcoholism, The host was very touched. We will explain everything here.

12 noon hits

It had been several days since the midday master had been called Cecil. She’s really touched the audience a lot lately by speaking wistfully about her mother’s death. But she still made the host laugh because One of his jokes that failed. Enough to end with a touch of laughter thanks to his self-mockery. It’s been ten days since I became a Midday Lady.

However, I did He could have lost his title Within 12 strokes of noon. In fact, during the fatal blow, the Spanish teacher was hot! Yesterday, she was still able to see several candidates whose goal in taking part in the show was to steal her title. In fact, Cecile already has a cute cat About 30 thousand euros. A regulated amount that satisfies others. That’s why we were able to find her yesterday Big fan of OMbut this last Verses about his life Which was very impressive.

dependent man

This guy’s name is Nicholas. When he was just the target of a duel at 12 noon, Jean-Luc Richmann laid down. In fact, make it clear to him that from now on, he’s a lot better. He continues to trust these few words.”that makes 21 months i’m sober. Because I was addicted to alcohol“…as the former pastry chef wanted to add.”I thank first of all my brother and especially my friends who were there, who supported and helped me. Without them, I guess I wouldn’t be here now thanks to themAnd his confidence is not without influence.

Jean-Luc Richman has seen since he was 12 noon green and immature shots. In fact, there was already A lot of laughterFrom SorrowAnd the QuestioningFrom sympathy…so many feelings that this animator sings. But when he heard Nicholas’ strong and encouraging testimony, he did not remain silent. Then he said to this brave man that “Bah, listen, I’d like to congratulate you, because like I said, thanks to such a strong entourage, I was able to get out of it and just wanted to tell you’master itSuch a beautiful exchange so finished in a hug. In fact, Jean-Luc Richmann wanted to take Nicolas into his arms as a sign of recognition and pride. A touching moment as we often find it with this good facilitator And the Always listen to everyone.

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