25 pictures of scary fires we live in very sad times

I’m not telling you anything, the heat wave is currently wreaking havoc in Europe (and all over the world as well), among the population and in terms of the landscape. It is very simple, in France, since 2008, there have not been as many fires and hectares over a year as there have been since the beginning of 2022 (except for 2019 which was a real disaster). In total, 224 fires have already destroyed nearly 40,000 hectares, according to figures released on July 21 from the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), compared to 304 fires and 43,000 hectares burned in 2019. These fires lead to extremely horrific images. This really makes you want to cry. If you then don’t want to do everything to stop global warming, I don’t know what you need.

1. Almost 36,000 people have already been evacuated due to the fires in Gironde

2. The Pilat Dunes are in great danger due to the fires that have engulfed the department since Tuesday 12 July

3. Flots Bleus camp site before and after

4. Near Dune du Pilat, many camps were completely destroyed by fire

5. Evacuating landscaping for a natural site that attracts nearly 2 million tourists every year

6 – In La Teste de Buch alone, in the Arcachon basin, 20 thousand people have been evacuated and 20 thousand hectares have already been burned

7. Nearly 2,000 firefighters have been mobilized in Gironde to ensure the firefighting front

8. Reinforcements came from all over France to help the Girondin firefighters

9. Several forests of Landes ignited in the disaster

10. The smoke from the fires can be seen by satellite

11. On Tuesday, July 19, smoke from the southern forest fires reached Paris

12- The fires are not only related to the south of France: Valouise is also currently affected by violent forest fires, near Parc Astérix

13 – The Finistere province of Brittany has also been affected by the wildfires

14. The Finistère Chapel in Mont Saint-Michel-de-Brasarts was miraculously protected from fires

15. In Greece, the northern region of Athens faces terrible fires

16. Nine villages in Greece have already been evacuated

17. Even in Germany, forest fires broke out due to a heat wave

18. Just outside London, smoke billows from the edges of the motorway

19. In England, near Wellington, in the eastern suburbs of London, houses, fields and many buildings were destroyed by fire, over an area of ​​\u200b\u200bmore than 40 hectares.

20- Italy is exposed to many fires in many regions such as the north-east or Tuscany

21- In the municipality of Massarosa in Tuscany, 500 people were evacuated

22. Since Sunday, a hundred firefighters have been trying to put out the flames in the Tuscany village

23. In Spain, this train that connected Madrid-Ferrol to Zamora-Sanabria stopped for a few moments in the middle of a spectacle worthy of the end of the world.

24- The municipality of Cibreros, Spain, in the region of Castile and Leon, was the victim of a forest fire.

25. In Spain, a violent fire occurred in the Monfrago National Park in the province of Cáceres.

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