“80 Euros for a car rental per day is expensive”

At the rental car park, opposite Terminal B of the airport.

Quentin Saliner / “Southwest”

The rise in car rental prices has not gone unnoticed since the end of first confinement, in the summer of 2020. Bordeaux is not the least affected city: according to a recent classification of car rental comparison Carigami, it appears in fifth place among the most expensive French cities, with an average price of 430 euros in week between 1Verse May and August 31, 2022, an increase of 7.7% compared to 2021 and 32.7% compared to 2019. The order that we must note in passing, is dominated by … Biarritz, where the average cost of rent explodes to 505 euros, i.e. + 8.8% Compared to 2021 and above all +96.4% compared to 2019. Nice, Ajaccio and Nîmes appear in 2e3e and 4e Locations, divided between the two cities of New Aquitaine.

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Gironde, the Promised Land of the Fan Holidays

Gironde, the Promised Land of the Fan Holidays

Many converted truck rental companies have started their activity from the outskirts of Bordeaux. Behind this, the emergence of a holiday style called “van life”, which continues to gain new customers

Tenants are bound

If the tourist attraction in the south of France is clearly influencing prices, then the sharp increase in rental prices is explained, as we remember in Carigami, by the production of new cars at half-mast. In question, the notorious shortage of microprocessors. Leasing companies, which destroyed their fleet of vehicles as a precaution at the height of booking, are having more difficulty renewing their fleet. Added to this is continued tourist demand: as evidence, at the start of the summer season, the SNCF announced a 10% increase in ticket reservations compared to summer 2019, the “reference year before the pandemic,” notes Mobilians, formerly CNPA, the professional auto trade regulator, at a turning point in a press release. Directed to car manufacturers, at the beginning of July.

Benoit set his sights on the tiny C1:

Benoit set his sights on a small C1: “And again, I took the youngest mannequin. »

Quentin Saliner / “Southwest”

Because these tensions have led the profession to openly challenge manufacturers to “return vehicle supplies to a sufficient level on the short-term rental channel”. According to the latest figures, vehicle registrations assigned to rental companies actually decreased by 51.3% in the first six months of the year compared to 2019, versus a “confined” decline of 33.82% for the entire auto market. Three years ago, “rent” registrations represented 230,000 cars on the French market. Half of that will probably be at the end of 2022, we assure Mobilians … The context is known, and manufacturers have every interest in favoring deliveries to individuals, a more profitable circle of mass orders from renters.

Diverse wealth

To tell the truth, fortunes mix in the renters’ car park, at the airport. Aurore, arriving from Lille, acquires “for work” her Fiat 500, model before 2020. “190.06 euros, from Wednesday to Sunday. I don’t find this to be an exaggeration. “Another story from Benoît, a Girondin founded in Portugal, returns” Two days to work. He set his sights on the modest Citroën C1, priced at €179 in unlimited mileage. “And again, I took the smaller model. A reservation going back three months. It’s not just the sunflower oil that we raise the prices…”

Between 492 and 554 euros per week from 6 to 13 August for a Fiat 500

Price overview, departure from rental agencies located at the airport, from 6 to 13 August: there is a Fiat 500 (old model) for the week, with unlimited mileage, at 608.16 euros at Europcar (554 .40 euros online) and better €565.80 at Avis (492 € online). Or, in Sixt, a Peugeot 3008 at €771.73, but limited to 1,750 kilometers, and randomly, a Renault Clio at €633.88 (€528.23 online) at Hertz. This agency is in great demand. On this date, book as soon as possible to insure your car,” warns one website.

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