A mother dies on the plane, children and husband spend 8 hours with her body

On August 5, a mother died on a flight from Hong Kong. she She fell asleep shortly after take off I did not wake up again. Her children and husband accompanied her. They had to stay with her for 8 hours until they reached Germany.

A painful experience for the mother

Helen Rhodes’ husband and children saw nothing coming. They were on a plane bound for the UK when the tragedy occurred. The mother who fell asleep shortly after take off Suddenly he lost consciousness. The staff tried by all means to revive her, but to no avail.

She went away in her sleep. The hardest thing about this story is that his children watched the horrific scene From start to finish. They saw their mother take her last breath before their eyes. an experience “very painful” Which affected them greatly.

Needless to say they are devastated. This loss is unimaginable. Helen was a devoted wife and mother. She was the glue that held her family together. After her arrival in Germany and the protocol that followed, Helen remained in Frankfurt while her husband (Simon) and her two young children (Nathan) had to and Emma) to leave for the UK without her.”

According to Jane, Helen’s children are grateful that they were able to say goodbye to their mother. Even if what they went through was terrible, they were at least able to tell him what they were going to say. What is already Something primary.

Can’t wait to see her family again

After her friend’s disappearance, Jayne Jeje launched GoFundMe petition. without a goal? Help the deceased’s family cover the expenses so they can properly honor their memory. Reflecting on her friend’s last years, Jane said:

“Helen and her family have ended their lives in Hong Kong for over 15 years to start a new chapter of living in the UK.”

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According to him, it was Helen I can’t wait to move. She desperately wanted to see her family again. The truth is she didn’t see it Elderly parents since the beginning of the epidemic. Unfortunately for her, fate would have her otherwise.

lovely mother

As far as she was concerned, Jane said she was shocked by what happened. You didn’t think such a thing could happen. Especially since his girlfriend was a woman ” unique “. She was always ready for it give a boost. very sociable person “You can’t walk down the street without meeting someone you know by name”.

To Tong Chung, mother of the family It was much appreciated. She was a member of an association called Tong Chung Mums Many women asked for advice from her. According to Jane, the nurse was “combined pulse”.

“Helen was always ready to help others. She was smart, intelligent and generous.”

Helen Rhodes also had her own business. I have custom designed knots and accessories. She was so proud of him it must be said that the mother of the family was very ambitious woman.

She always does her best and You will never give up despite obstacles. The reason why her friend Jane said she was especially lucky to have known her.

In memory of Helen Rhodes

Among those who paid tribute to Helen Rhodes is Andrew Spiers. The latter is responsible for the Facebook page of Tong Chung Tower Communities. On the social network, he Spread an emotional message In memory of the deceased nurse.

he is He also offered his condolences To all his family and wish them peace:

“The most generous and caring; Also the most gossip! Tong chung and pickup from school wouldn’t be the same without you. I wish the best for his family. »

the mother
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