A return to tradition and full of novelties for the ninetieth anniversary

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Arenas on stage in Bayonne: “Lomepal, Kendji and Christophe Maé, full scene”

Euterpe president, Michel Goddard, who produces Arènes en scène in Bayonne, amputated several cancellations (Kassav’, Pagny, Bruel, Ivanov), details a narrow program around three dates, with rappers and assorted stars

In the den of Aviron Bayonnais pelota Basque, festival officials insisted on a more muscular remembrance program than in other years, “because we had to celebrate the 90th anniversary, but without too much upheaval, in tradition, with the return of the main events, like Paquito chocolatero or Tamborrada,” stated Henri Lauquet, head of the festival committee.

1 More concerts

Bayonne Festivals will be more musical with hundreds of balls, concerts, events and free performances around a central point: Freedom Square. Which will, for example, host the famous Sinsémilia group on Friday evening. “There will be more than a thousand musicians during these five days, starting with the Sinfonia Navarre Concert as a prelude, on Sunday 21 July.”

In addition to Jazz Spirit – Place de la République, where big bands and small formations play their swings – which attracts most festival music lovers, restless folks can blow their place Paul-Bert with a cha-cha reggae mix from El Gato Negro ( Thursday) and the Latin voice salsamuffin for Sergent Garcia (Saturday).

2 More sports

“It will be like Oxford-Cambridge! Or almost, but anyway, the festive rowing race promises to be lively on the banks of the Adour between Aviron Bayonnais and Société Nautique, on Saturday at the end of the day. “At least it will be Bayonne that will win,” thus The federation that will run the Holiday Masters, said Pierrot Lélo Echeverria, President of the French Federation of the Basque Country Pelota, King of Holiday Sports.

Bayonne on July 11, presenting the program of the Bayonne Festival in the presence of Jean-René Echegaray.

Bayonne on July 11, presenting the program of the Bayonne Festival in the presence of Jean-René Echegaray.

Emily Druinud / Southwest

Sport toujours, avec l’arrivée de la 21e Foulée du Festayre prévue sur la place de la Liberté, « au cœur des fêtes », la Nive en fête (courses de pirogue, descente en paddles) qui s’étoffe avec une lemation program Wednesday morning.

3 Safer parties

The total cost of the parties to the city is 3.2 million euros. On the rise, “because of restricted expenses, increased costs, such as the budget for showers/toilets for example, and fees related to security,” according to the mayor. Municipal services must agree with state services on the overall security issue, before communicating on the chosen body next week.

In the meantime, security measures such as closing the city center to cars, anti-scratch barriers or video security cameras installed in various places in the city are being renewed.

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