A video clip floods the police during the murder of Ovaldi

An unbearable video, revealed by local media on Tuesday, July 12, showed how police waited 74 minutes before intervening against a gunman who, on May 24, killed 19 children and teachers at a school in Ovaldi, Texas.

The photos, captured by surveillance cameras, a cell phone and an officer’s camera on board, were posted online by the newspaper. Austin Statesman And the TV channel how to.

overwhelming photos

The spread of these videos in the media, which were requested by relatives of the victims who were to see a redacted version this weekend, without a photo of the shooter or the footage, before it was made public by the authorities, has raised some concern among the families. , mentioned CBS.

The way the video was posted today is one of the most fun I’ve ever seenOvaldi Mayor Don McLaughlin lashed out during city council, according to the same source.

The images are overwhelming for the police whose work has been restricted Absolute failure Written by Texas Public Health Director Stephen McCro.

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Advance the killer filmed

For nearly an hour and a quarter, we see dozens of agents arriving increasingly heavily armed, with no one entering the classroom the shooter has taken refuge in with his young victims.

The film begins with the arrival of this 18-year-old, who crashes his car near Robb Elementary School in Ovaldi. Two people came to his aid and were greeted by gunfire. As they leave to run, we see him advancing toward the establishment.

The film is accompanied by an excerpt from an emergency call made by an employee at 11:32 a.m., screaming at children. Go to your classes.

At 11:33 a.m., the shooter almost carelessly entered the school, even slipping a lock of hair behind his ear while clutching his assault rifle to the ground.

Then a young boy appears in a corner of the hallway, about to follow him, when he sees him aiming his weapon toward a room and opening fire.

From there, the explosions followed each other rapidly for three minutes, until the first police officers arrived at 11:36 a.m.

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A policeman stops to take the hydro-alcoholic gel

They are at least eight, with pistols and bulletproof vests. They advance first toward the class, blasts erupt and retreat to the end of the corridor.

Thirty-six minutes later, they are still in the same place, but they are joined by other police officers armed with rifles, body armor, and sometimes helmets.

They are at least twenty, from different units, but they still do not enter the class.

Disturbing detail, 12:30pm, someone is using hydro-alcoholic gel from a wall-mounted dispenser.

At 12:50 p.m., gunshots erupted. A team eventually brought down the shooter. The movie stopped.

Several investigations have been conducted

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, which campaigns for stricter gun regulations, commented on Twitter.

Riot police are waiting at the school entrance and even stopping to grab hand sanitizer where children and teachers are being slaughtered!She is suffocating and demanding more transparency about police failures.

Several investigations have been opened, notably by the Ministry of Justice, but its conclusions have not yet been issued.

74 minutes before the intervention: Video sweeps across the police during Ovaldi’s murder

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