Accused of greenwashing, GoodPlanet will not take advantage of the money raised and announce its withdrawal

Change the beneficiary of ZEvent. Organized in Montpellier, the Charity Game Marathon distributes donations collected by streamers during each edition to an association. The option to pay donations from the video game community this year went to the GoodPlanet Foundation.

The decision sparked strong protests from the Twitter world. Impressed by this choice, many people accused Goodplanet of greenwashing by highlighting and supporting its partnerships, including many multinational companies, in the banking and energy sectors in particular.

“The controversy that has been driving Twitter for a few days serves the cause”

In the face of controversy, Albany Godard, managing director of the GoodPlanet Foundation, justified the support. “We are choosing to involve as many players as possible in the ecological and solidarity transformation, so as not to remain convinced.” before announcing its decision not to accept funds from ZEvent. “The controversy that has been driving Twitter for the past few days is serving the cause that each of us, employees, volunteers, partners in this field, work tirelessly for. […] [Leur] Unwavering commitment and work of tremendous quality is unfounded and questionable. For this reason, and because the environmental issue should not suffer from unnecessary controversy, in time for action, we have decided to withdraw from ZEvent 2022.”

In 2021, the charity event raised a whopping amount of €10,064,080 for the NGO Action Against Hunger. For the 2022 edition, which will take place from September 8 to 11, ZeratoR, one of the co-organizers of the charity marathon, decided to allow social networks to choose five recipients themselves from a list of pre-selected associations. Still on the topic of ecology, “an issue that concerns us all and whose importance no longer needs to be demonstrated”. And if “the facility is to take another issue, whose representatives are less likely to be debated,” ZeratoR makes clear that he has no intention of giving it up.

The list of preselected associations is available on social networks. Votes to select the five associations receiving ZEvent funds – “the last organization according to this formula” as announced by its creator – will close on Wednesday, July 13 at 2pm.

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