Actus Ciné ., actress Anne Heck dies at 53 in a car accident

American actress Anne Heck died Friday, August 12, at the age of 53, following a car accident. She is particularly famous for the movie “Donnie Brasco” in which she played Maggie, the wife of Johnny Depp’s character.

American actress Anne Heshe died on Friday at the age of 53, following a serious traffic accident on August 5. She was particularly famous for the movie Donnie Brasco, in which she played Maggie, the wife of Johnny Depp’s character.

A graduate of the Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, ann heck His film debut was in 1993 in The Ambush of Ghosts and The Adventures of Stephen Sommers’ Huckleberry Finn. The following year, she co-starred with Ed Harris and Melanie Griffith in La Surprise (1995) before playing Demi Moore’s girlfriend in the thriller La Jurée (1996).

start carrier

Her career took off in 1997, taking her shoulders with the biggest stars on screen: Johnny Depp In the thriller Donnie BrascoTommy Lee Jones in the disaster film Vulcano, the Robert De Niro / Dustin Hoffman duo in the satirical film Men of Influence (1998) and Harrison Ford in the adventure comedy Six Days Seven Nights (ibid.).

At the same time, the beauty made headlines by abandoning Steve Martin, who wrote the character Daisy in reference to the actress for Bofinger, to land in the arms of actress Ellen DeGeneres, thus making up the cinema’s most famous gay couple. On screen, she plays Janet Lee and Kristen Scott Thomas respectively in remake Psycho (1998) by Gus Van Sant and Far from Heaven (id.), the American version of the drama “Force Majeure”.

Literary arcs and TV turning point

She wrote her autobiography in 2001 call me crazy After breaking up with Ellen DeGeneres. Not pursued by cinema, though, as we met her as a hospital director in John Q and in the drama Childbirth with Nicole Kidman, Anne Heche turned in the early 2000s to television. Series such as Ally McBeal, Everwood, and Nip/Tuck and Men in Trees, where she plays the main role, the role of a coach who specializes in relationships.

great comeback

The early 2000s continued to thrive for the actress, who once again savored the joys of being a film actress, notably thanks to the horror comedy Suffering Man’s Charity (2007), her role in Toxic Skies (2008), and his collaboration with Ashton Kutcher on the film Toy Boy (2009) and with John C. Reilly in Welcome to Cedar Rapids (2011).

Swinging between cute and light comedies (that’s what she said) and high-stress films (Nothing Left to Fear, Black November), she continues filming in parallel on TV, offering her main roles: The shallow and frustrated ex-wife of a Hung businessman and the main character of a woman set up in Save Me. In 2014, she starred in the identity drama Arthur Newman, alongside British actors Colin Firth and Emily Blunt.

Represented on all fronts

After the cancellation of series such as Dig, The Brave, Aftermath, she appeared frequently in Chicago PD, and made feature films with various themes such as My Friend Dahmer, Adorable Enemies or 13 Minutes. While she is expected to appear soon in the credits of The Idol, a new series from Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, and singer The Weeknd, Anne Heche was hospitalized in critical condition after a car accident on August 5, 2022 in Los Angeles.

“Six Days Seven Nights” movie trailer:

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