Adria Matrix Axess 650 DC Profile Test: The Adria Matrix Axess 650 DC Profile Revisited

In 2022, the Slovenian manufacturer completely reworked the Matrix Axess range. Among the four low-height drop-in beds, the 650 DC combines a central bed and a face-to-face lounge with a height of over 7.29 metres. The brand’s flagship model is offered from 63,650 euros on a 140-horsepower Citroën Jumper, featuring subtle decor and extensive standard equipment. Delphine Pisana – Photos: Virginie Pelagali

At a time when central bed sections less than 7.00m in size occupy an increasing place in the French market, Adria does not neglect its safe bets, which are slightly larger in size. By combining the central bed, face-to-face living room and bathroom across 7.29 metres, the Matrix 650 DC remains one of the strong references in the catalog.

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Adria Matrix Axess 650 DC: Data Sheet

  • Transporter : Citroen Jumper
  • Length x width x height: 7.29 pm
  • Mechanization: 2.2 liters
  • maximum strength. : 140 HP / 103 KW
  • GVW/CU: 3500/450 kg
  • Seats: 4/4
  • kitchen : Unit with 3-burner stove, rectangular stainless steel sink, worktop 60 x 27 cm, refrigerator 142 liters with cabinet above it, extractor hood.
  • sleeping: Central bed 150×190 cm with adjustable headboard, mattress 13 cm thick on a slatted base, electric foldable bed 120×195 cm.
  • modified : from 63.650 €

seen up close

  • brightness. The sunroof brings in real natural light, especially in the living room.
  • flat floor. Thanks to its presence, it provides storage boxes with a height of 13 cm and frost protection for equipment.
  • storage. The base of the bed rises and acts as a box. A small closet is arranged at the base and another is on the opposite side.
  • Conduction and lighting. There is a switch and two USB ports under the cabinets on either side of the bed.
  • Catch. Very practical, there are storage compartments in the dormitory.

Modern looking mobile home, fun to drive…

Available at €63,650 in the Axess version, this profile on the Citroën Jumper flatters with its modern look. The bodywork design is elegant and stands out with aluminum sills, a sloping rear wall that integrates the taillights and LED lights as well as a front cover with rounded and rounded lines. On the road, it can rely on a 140-horsepower engine and drive it easy, as we can judge by traveling a few hundred kilometers along the roads that run along the beaches of D-Day, in Calvados.

Handy and well equipped

Despite its height of 2.30 meters, maneuvers are carried out without much difficulty thanks to the rear camera. The wide windshield and double-mirror rear view mirrors provide excellent visibility and enhance driving pleasure, which is very real, especially since this model is properly equipped in terms of driving aids, comfort and safety.

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… and structurally reliable

Having a reputation for reliability, the manufacturing is based on construction that uses polyester as an exterior coating, expanded polystyrene for ceilings and walls, and extruded polystyrene underground. The reinforcement frame remains in the wood. The presence of a technical double floor with a height of 13 cm enhances the storage capacity and provides many advantages in terms of thermal insulation and protection of equipment from frost. This technical solution also enables the development of a flat floor and facilitates movement from the cabin to the bedroom.

bright room

On board, Adria optimizes space for maximum comfort. Starting with the bedroom. It offers a central bed of honorable dimensions (150 x 190 cm) that benefits from a 13 cm thick mattress on a slatted base. Even if it is one meter high, a staircase on each side makes it easy to get to the bed. In this cozy space, we’ll appreciate the bedside tables, the elegant treatment of a backlit headboard, and two large dressers with curved doors (with a USB port built into the bottom) and upper cabinets. Practical, the closet is arranged at the foot of the bed. We regret that the corridor is low at a foot, as there is only 18 cm to pass on the side of the bathroom. However, the space can be increased by 12 cm by moving the base of the lift bed. Brightness and ventilation are provided by two large side windows and a transparent skylight. For more privacy, a pleated curtain isolates the bedroom.

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changing geometry bathroom

Depending on a very modern configuration, the toilet area combines two compartments arranged face to face. The first, surmounted by a skylight, houses a well-proportioned showerhead (60 x 70 cm), despite the wheel arch forming a small rung. The second combines the toilet and sink. The absence of a bay allows the installation of a partitioned bathroom cabinet and a mirror. However, ventilation has not been sacrificed as evidenced by the translucent upper window. As usual, the two compartments can be joined together to form a large and completely isolated transverse space by folding the door to the toilet and bedroom. It is also possible to create a parental suite by opening the sliding door to the sleeping area and folding the bathroom suite.

The kitchen: practical and practical

The kitchen also benefits from the quality of the treatment. It sparkles with ample storage in the form of drawers in the lower part and upper cabinets. It presents a practical and spacious area, equipped with a deep rectangular sink, three-burner hob, extractor hood and a suitable worktop (60 x 27 cm). And if necessary, simply fold the sink and stove protection to increase the surface. As for the refrigerator with a good capacity (142 liters), it is located exactly opposite. Above is a very practical wardrobe. The presence of a window and a skylight ensures brightness and ventilation. In terms of decor, the contrast between dark worktops, wooden furniture and matte white is quite in trend.

table for 5 guests

Another major center of interest aboard the Matrix Axess 650 DC, the face-to-face saloon consists of two seats. The seat on the left is about 100 cm long and can accommodate two people plus one passenger on a 70 cm long bench on the right side and two round seats in the cabin. In total, five guests will be able to take their places on comfortable seats around a good-sized table (75 x 84.5 cm), which can be rotated and folded in half for ease of movement. Seats with magnetic (functional) armrests can easily be converted into road-facing seats.

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A mobile home with a nice and friendly interior

We appreciated the presence of the sunroof which enhances the natural light provided by the side window. As for the atmosphere, it benefits from the gray/beige bi-material upholstery with topstitching in perfect harmony with the beautiful curves and color of the matte white furniture. The pull-down bed is electrically sized (120 x 195 cm) to accommodate two people. By removing the seat back and without touching the cab seats, the bed is lowered to about one meter from the floor. The ceiling height of 70 cm allows you to remain seated without your head touching the ceiling.

But the advantage of the Matrix Axess 650 DC is also the large storage capacity. In addition to those in the passenger compartment, the main reserve is located in the hold with a maximum load capacity of 200 kg (manufacturer data), especially since it is equipped with storage loops and storage niches.

Our review of the Adria Matrix Axess 650 DC

This modern look entices with the quality of its workmanship and the care given to the finishes. Comfortable beds, a functional kitchen, plenty of storage space, a flat floor… From the Axess edition, this low space of 7.29 m can count on comprehensive standard equipment and a bright, modern interior at a price of 63,650 euros. Affordable price given its standard equipment.

the most

  • strong structure
  • Modern interior
  • storage capacity
  • Flat floor from cabin to bedroom
  • Comfortable master bed
  • Standard Equipment

the least

  • Passing at the foot of the bed
  • Cabin height is a bit narrow
  • Bedroom door folded

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