After more than two years of broadcasting, the YouTube channel “Lofi Girl” has been discontinued.

20,843 hours, or approximately 868 continuous days, equal to more than two years of broadcasting: Lofi Girl channel holds the YouTube platform record for the longest broadcast. And it could have lasted much longer, if the video “Luffy Hip Hop – Beats Relax/Study” which has amassed over 660 million views was not removed by YouTube for copyright reasons, as announced on Twitter. The withdrawal caused a lot of backlash on the web, some honoring Luffy girl And their hours listening to a playlist to study or relax after a long day.

Since we’re not just talking about any playlist: Lofi playlists, especially the Lofi Girl list, are among the best playlists in the world. Since 2017, Dimitri has been streaming softcore music nonstop on YouTube, on a channel first called ChilledCow, before he became Luffy girl, in recognition of its main character. This channel, a work by a Frenchman, is represented on the stream by a drawing of a girl studying, produced by artist Juan Pablo Machado. We see a little girl in a green shirt with a red collar and a helmet on her head, scribbling the pages. Her cat is looking peacefully out the window. When the weather is nice, you can get to know Lyon outside.

Lofi Girl - Main Live Streaming
Lofi Girl – Main Live Streaming – YouTube Screenshot

LoFi, the music genre that’s getting huge

Repetitive music, often by unknown artists, inspires nostalgia, against the background of images from cartoons: Lofi has become a distinct musical genre, recognizable among thousands. Initially, “lovi” meant “low fidelity”, or low quality in French, to distinguish it from the high-budget recordings of major musical productions. Hip-hop beats are slow, and the democratization of the Internet in homes in the early 2000s helped spread the sound, across collaborative platforms. A type of music that would help focus, because its repetitive rhythm, without words, would not require proactive investment on the part of listeners. Lofi YouTube channels and artists have become music labels, amassing hundreds of thousands, even millions of streams on various streaming platforms.

But the March 2020 inventory precipitated the phenomenon. Confined netizens around the world turn to Lofi and her cool girl. The number of subscribers to the channel exceeds 5 million, at a time when the world is collapsing and remote work becomes the norm. La Lofi offers a bubble where you want to curl up in unsurprising but relaxing beats. The image of Lofi Girl is so pervasive in pop culture, that in April 2022, French netizens put it up during the collaborative project RedditPlace, which mobilized thousands of people. And the principle is small: YouTube is full of study/relax/dream videos, dressed up by characters that seem to come from the movie Ghibli (you can also create your own version here).

Will Lofi Girl return?

“Lofi Girl is finally ready for her exams, and she’s going to rock them!” »; “I hope Lofi Girl finally finished her essay and was able to graduate. In addition to music, live chat allowed me to reduce my anxiety several times by talking to strangers who were in the same situation as me…”; “This channel has helped me through so many stressful times in the hospital, exams, and sleepless nights. Thank you for everything Lofi Girl”… Beneath the channel’s latest live video, interrupted by YouTube, messages of thanks multiply, like a final farewell to a close friend .

A few hours after the live broadcast ended, the Lofi Girl channel split a long message on Twitter, announcing that while restrictions had been lifted, life had not resumed. “We are shocked and disappointed that there is no protection or manual moderation of these false accusations. In the end, it was completely out of our control, and sadly, there is no way to prevent these complaints,” explained the channel founders. The YouTube team even responded to them personally, emphasizing that “requests The removal was abusive” and that “it can sometimes take 24 to 48 hours for everything to return to normal.” However, this is not the first time this has happened: already in February 2020, the entire channel was suspended by mistake , when there was almost a year and a half of continuous broadcasting.

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