After the FBI searched the home of the former US president, Republicans cry about the plot

For once, Donald Trump didn’t exaggerate. “Nothing like this has ever happened to an American president,” He complained in a press release, Monday, August 8, a few hours after ‘raid a large number’ An FBI agent in his country “The Beautiful Mar-a-Lago Palace in Palm Beach”, in Florida. In the opinion of historians, the Federal Police search of the residence of a former president or president, or even his vacation, is not actually known to have precedent. The explanation of the former president for this is clear: the “The radical left seeks to [l]‘Prevents [s]to be presented in 2024.

In terms of protecting the National Archives, the facts have held some lawbreaking lawsuits, targeting former adviser to President Bill Clinton Sandy Berger, or former U.S. Army General David Petraeus, who will be sentenced for leaking. Secret documents of his girlfriend.

But nothing has such dire consequences as Monday’s debate, at a time when the Republican Party is on the political defensive and ever more obsessed with Mr. Trump: his potential 2024 nomination, his role as a troublemaker in the primaries, his actions during the January 6 rebellion. 2021, his tax returns (final episode of the series: The District of Columbia Court of Appeals, Tuesday, August 9, estimates that Congress has access to them; the Supreme Court will have to rule).

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and even his toilets, since Maggie Haberman, political journalist at The New York TimesOn Monday, before the book of Revelation announced in October, I posted two photos showing bits of torn paper floating in a basin. Where we clearly discern the black writings of Donald Trump, who is already known for his penchant for making scraps of paper from documents, including official ones…

political storm

In the searing spectacle of August, the research caused a political storm, overshadowing what would have been today’s event: Joe Biden’s second post-Covid outing, to promote the law, passed by both parties, authorizing investment of $200 billion in US semiconductor manufacturing. The president signed the law in front of the White House without coughing several times. He had no word about the FBI raid. His spokeswoman, Karen-Jean-Pierre, said he had not been informed of the operation. Commentators note that if he were, he would not have chosen such a telescope “news”While he hopes to change the outlook on his balance sheet, less than three months before the midterm elections.

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