Alexis Sanchez arrives at OM: “Agoumé told me: ‘Marseille is the biggest club in France'”

This was one of the topics of discussion on Tuesday evening, after the wonderful welcome that Alexis Sanchez received at Marignane. On the eve of signing his contract with the initials, and after celebrating his arrival with the fans, the striker dined in a restaurant with a number of his entourage and club management. “We talked about how many awards he wonPablo Longoria said during the press conference for The Chile Show on Wednesday. I said 17. Actually, it’s 19. I forgot to win with Chile. “

Rarely, in recent years, Olympique de Marseille has been able to welcome a player of this stature. Sanchez was revealed in Italy with Udinese, won in Spain with FC Barcelona, ​​and shone in England with Arsenal. If Longoria wanted it, it was for this experience. Also because the striker showed Inter that “competitor. “And for everything else, too.

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Where most of the other recruits were chosen to fit as best as possible the scheme and style imposed by new coach Igor Theodor, Sanchez’s arrival goes beyond the simple framework of the field. “It is important for us to be able to attract players like himLongoria pointed out. It gives credibility to the project. This is also what attracts other players. To build a competitive team, you need hard work, high standards and a certain mindset. So it is necessary to have a player like him. “

I thank Alexis and also his agent, because sometimes I was a little heavy…

That’s why the Olympic club strongman focused on this player in particular. By carefully preparing his shot. Longoria had contacts with Sanchez’s agent, Felipe Felicevic, early last season. Knowing full well that Joaquin Correa’s arrival at Inter could push the Chilean to leave the Lombardy club.

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It’s teamwork and patienceLongoria smiled. I thank Alexis and also his agent, because sometimes I was a little heavy, with a lot of phone calls. […] But Alexis had a very clear idea of ​​what the club wanted, his ambitions and his playing style, and that’s what allowed us to get there.. “

Sanchez loves pressure

Because in fact, Alexis Sanchez does not know much about OM and Marseille, except for Mattéo Guendouzi, whom he met at Arsenal. He didn’t even swap with Marcelo Bielsa and Jorge Sampaoli, two prominent Marseille coaches who were also Chile coaches. On the other hand, at Inter, he had discussed with Lucien Agoume, the young French midfielder belonging to the Lombard club. “He told me: Marseille is the biggest team in France, everyone wants to play there‘, he told Niño Maravilla. I analyzed all this and told myself it was time. “

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Because in the absence of knowing everything about OM, Sanchez had a very accurate idea of ​​what he wanted. Longoria and his right arm Javier Ribalta soon determined the man’s character. “Played in Italy, Spain and Englandcaptured. So coming to France is an important step“The Champions League obviously had a lot of weight in the balance. But the Chilean is also a man of challenges. Big challenges.”I love pressurehe insisted. I like things to be difficult to try to make them easier. “In Marseille, it must be presented.

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