Alfa Romeo Transformation: New Models, New Ambitions

Founded in Milan 112 years ago, Alfa Romeo has never had an easy life. While more than 200,000 cars were sold annually in the early 2000s, the sales curve dropped to the point where last year’s production was 55,000 units. Imagine that former Fiat president Sergio Marchionne (who died in 2018) wanted Alfa Romeo to sell 400,000 cars in 2014 before the end of the decade, but in 2018 the brand produced only 110,000 cars, and in 2019 it was even worse with only 66,500 cars I left the factories.

200,000 Alfa Romeo per year

Today the sales target is measured further, as Alfa Romeo is required to sell 200,000 cars in the near future. To achieve this, Alfa Romeo will be able to count on the dynamics of the Stellantis group and investments that will benefit all brands. These investments will mainly concern future electric vehicles, and we already know that the Alfa Romeo brand will only offer electric cars in Europe in 2030. On the other hand, in certain markets such as the United States, Alfa Romeos thermal and hybrids can still be sold after this date . In the North American continent, Stellantis envisions that its brands, including Alfa Romeo, will be satisfied with all sales of selling 50% of electric vehicles after 2030.

STLA platforms for everyone

To prepare for this all-electric system, Stellantis will modify the platforms used by the group’s brands. That is why new technical bases, such as the STLA Large developed by Chrysler and Jeep, which use elements from the Giorgio platform, have been developed. There will also be a medium STLA platform, which is an evolution of the EMP2-V3 platform that will take care of compact and family vehicles and finally a small STLA that will be used by the smaller models. If STLA Large and Medium is scheduled at the end of 2023, for STLA Small it will be necessary to wait until 2026, the second generation of eCMP which will soon take care of the transition period between 2023 and 2026.

Electric motors and batteries “Made in Stellantis”

With the new platforms, new electric motors designed by Stellantis will arrive with Japan’s Nidec emotors joint venture. Despite its desire to be 100% autonomous in the field of electric cars, with the creation of “megafactories” for the production of batteries, Stellantis does not refrain from buying engines for smaller vehicles. According to information provided by the Franco-Italian group, the electric vehicle group will use three types of platforms (the fourth will be for commercial vehicles and vans) linked to dedicated units (electric motor + transmission). Thus, the small STLA platform will contain 400-volt batteries with capacities from 37 to 82 kWh and a maximum range of 500 km. This technical base should be accompanied by an unprecedented 95 hp electric motor, and other, more powerful electric motors should be followed. The STLA Medium will have batteries that can reach 104 kWh and 700 km of autonomy, and the power of the electric motors will be between 170 and 245 hp. As for the large STLA engine, which will be able to carry two electric motors for all-wheel drive (one on each axle), the power of the electric motors will be between 204 and 449 hp, while the batteries will have a capacity of 101 to 118 kWh. If these are primarily electric bases, STLA platforms could initially accommodate plug-in hybrid rechargeable drives, in order to ensure a smoother transition to all-electric in 2030.

Tonale and Brennero, first in line

But while waiting for this electrical turmoil for Milan, Alfa Romeo continues to sell thermoelectric vehicles and now hybrids such as the simple hybrid engines (130 and 160 hp) that power the Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV, the latest from the transalpine brand. This model is not allowed to use the STLA Medium but a platform borrowed from Jeep Compass. It must be said that the beginning of the appearance of this new SUV was before the creation of the Stellantis range. For the future SUV city we call Brennero (but could be called Palade) and which should be launched in 2023, it will use the eCMP platform of the Peugeot e-2008. These two models, the Tonale and Brennero, are the first in the new era of Alfa Romeo that will lead the brand to have six models in 2027, double its current range.

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