Alone in the Dark: Return of the saga, trailer, and official info

game news Alone in the Dark: Return of the saga, trailer, and official info

Alone in the Dark’s long-hoped-for return was confirmed during a presentation from THQ Nordic. First trailer and info.

Before Resident Evil established itself as a master of survival horror, French Infogrames laid the foundations of the genre with Alone in the Dark. In 1992, the game became one of the pillars of its era, due to its innovative management of horror and its 3D polygonal technology that would set the spirits apart. THQ Nordic obtained the license in 2018, no news as of today. The rumors dropped by an insider a few days ago were true: Detective Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood are back in a “re-imagining” developed by Pieces Interactive (Magica 2, Titan Quest: Atlantis) owned by the Embracer Group. The epic places, characters, and themes are found in an all-new story.

Alone in the Dark: Return of the saga, trailer, and official info

Exploration, puzzles and battles

There is a house in New Orleans“…The trailer for Alone in the Dark begins with the lyrics of The House of the Rising Sun, that song that tells the story of a sinful life. Detective Edward Carnby returns to Derceto Mansion, a wealthy and fortunate mental hospital that inhabits strange and elusive residents. The man Sent by Emily Hartwood, he sets out in search of her missing uncle Jeremy Hartwood, then the duo encounter…” strange patients and portals to terrifying worlds like… Resident Evil 2 (2019), the player can embody either of these two characters, and the environments and viewpoints will not be the same depending on the choice made.

Alone in the Dark is a reimagining of promises to beA Love Letter“To the cult game of the ’90s that will relive its very intense atmosphere. The game will depict the gothic horror of the southern United States in an experience that combines exploration, combat, puzzle and story. In general, the player will be responsible for finding clues in a variety of gloomy environments, traveling through worlds and using a range of weapons that he will pick up along the way. Also, some creatures will not be defeated that easily, so you have to be creative or just avoid them.

Responsible team

In development since the end of 2019 now, Alone in the Dark will run on Unreal Engine 4 and is currently in the Alpha stage, which means it is in its first playable release. The story is signed by Michael Hedberg, author of SOMA and Amnesia. Composer Jason Kohnen works on the soundtrack with death jazz tunes while Guy Davis, a former collaborator of Guillermo del Toro, took care of the monsters’ design. Finally, Pieces Interactive invited MetricMinds and Gate 21 to produce the trailers and characters.

Alone in the Dark will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series on a date yet to be announced.

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