Amandine Petty: Her swirling neckline melts the web!

The election of Miss France in 2021 allowed Amandine Petit to connect with celebrities. However, nothing has predetermined a beautiful blonde for such a profession. She had initially studied to get BTS into negotiation and customer relations. And that’s after trying a nursing contest for the first time. She ended up succeeding in the latter thanks to the second attempt that proved successful. Finally at the Institute of Experts and Caen, the beauty queen pursued a master’s degree 2 in the management of institutions and structures of aging. A diploma would have allowed him to obtain a management position at EHPAD. Suffice it to say that the level of culture of the former Miss France was such that it allowed her to go so far in the top beauty contest.

A clear taste for fashion

Like many French people this summer, Amandine Petit is currently on vacation. However, she has turned her back on the Cote d’Azur, which is very popular with celebrities. Therefore, the former Miss France went to Normandy to enjoy the sun and the sea, and had to recharge before facing the very busy schedule that awaited her at the beginning of the school year. Several professional projects await him in a few weeks and we can say that it is not the partnerships that he is missing. With her subscriber count increasing tenfold since she was elected to the competition, it’s necessary to believe that it’s not the shows she’s lacking in the end.

Amandine Petit will soon celebrate her 25th birthday and is on her way to Iris Mittenaere’s level of fame in the media world. Already passionate about fashion before the Miss France contest, she recently doubled down on glamorous shots highlighting her obvious taste for things beautiful and simple. For example, in a colorful bikini that she recently demonstrated through a photo she posted on Instagram. With her curly hair and the sun shining on her golden skin, you would have thought you were dealing with a mermaid, and the result was absolutely stunning.

The flashy side of Amandine Petit . is highlighted

In any case, the sober and elegant side of Amandine Petit this time gave way to a more glamorous look. What is the most perfect in this summer period. So the beauty queen chose an apple-colored jacket with an original design. Which immediately drew the attention of netizens to what she was wearing inside. The beautiful blonde had a fuchsia neckline that contrasted perfectly with the bright color of her jacket. Suffice it to say that with such a combination of colors, it’s hard to miss for miles around.

At least 665,000 people now follow Amandine Petit on social networks. A growing popularity explains the fact that 16,485 people have liked this amazing photo so far. All this without counting the various comments collected by her publications, which did not fail in their integrity with regard to their proven beauty. Certainly not for nothing that the beautiful blonde has been elected Miss France in 2021. We are already waiting to discover new photos of her holiday.

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