Amandine Plessar (Large Families): One of her children has autism? heartbreaking testimony

Big Families nominee, Life in XXL, recently revealed her secrets during an Instagram Live that was staged on August 9, 2022. Amandine Bellissard in particular brought up the turmoil that two of her children have been experiencing.

The life of the Blissards family

Starting Wednesday, August 10, 2022, the public will have the opportunity to find the Pellissard family at ‘Les Pellissard à Saint-Tropez’, on MYTF1 Max. Amandine, Alexandre and their eight children join the fabled Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur for their holidays. all photographed Channel One cameras.

An experience that is likely to be eventful. Netizens also have the possibility to follow their adventures on their regular Instagram account. In addition, on August 9, during a discussion on Instagram Live, the mother of the family made a little Secrets of two of his sons.

Health problems of Amandine Plessar’s children

Amandine Pellissard calculates Many followers on social networks. And that’s, because it was a topic of discovery for the general public during the first season of Big Families, Life in XXL on TF1. Very close to his subscribers, he often organizes live discussions to answer their questions. An opportunity to discuss the health problems of two of his sons, Hector and Charles. Then I captured: They are followed by a neurologist and a speech pathologist. At the beginning of the school year, we meet with the neurologist again for group psychological sessions. They both suffer from indigestion disorders.” Dis disorders Difficulty producing speech, understanding language, or using language in the context of communication.

Then Amandine Plessard indicated that she and her husband were suspicious Another disturbance in Charles. So I concluded: We have doubts about possible autism spectrum disorders. It continues with the nerve Charles and Hector are not the only ones from the Bellisard clan who have faced difficulties. In another country live interviewAmandine said 10-year-old Lina also struggled with language problems when she went to kindergarten. She explained this problem to her community. ” She could barely speak and had little vocabulary. (…) When you are told that your child is not like others, it is always complicated “.

Autism spectrum disorders

Autism is not a disease, but a developmental disorder of a neurological nature. There are possibilities son of Amandine Plessard So he suffers from this disorder. The main symptoms of autism appear in the form of impaired social interaction and communication, and restricted and repetitive interests. These disorders can lead to Inappropriate behavior in certain situations. These signs usually appear before the age of 3 years. Psychological characteristics of the parents cannot explain autism in a child. So it is not necessary to look for a traumatic event or behavior that will trigger it as well.

The Main symptoms Autism includes language and communication disorders, relationship difficulties, repetitive behaviors or gestures … However, autism cannot be cured, because it does not Not compatible with the disease. On the other hand, disturbances can decrease. Scientific advances allow us to learn more and more about ways to improve understanding and interaction. And that’s with someone with autism. Today, there is an approach, in particular educational and behavioral, which allows children and adults to make progress. regardless of the severity of the disability. A possible solution to the son of Amandine Plessard.

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