An individual builds their own PV plant on their own for less than 3000 euros

Nous parlons souvent de panneaux solaires, et d’énergies renouvelables… Installer une centrale solaire peut représenter un gros budget que tout le monde ne peut se permettre… Mais, si l’on est un peu bricoleur, central fabre vrai perê sa Good plan. Audren van ZallekLut, a resident of Lot, shares his experience with Energy Revolution, and explains how, in a few days, he built his own photovoltaic power plant that will cover more than half of his electricity needs. A look back at this experience can give ideas for those who are looking for a solution to lower their electric bill.

How did he build his solar power plant?

Audrey He works in construction and still has some knowledge to carry out the installation. His construction site took two weeks at the end of the week, the first for the construction of the wooden structure, the second for solar panels. Choose install 8 panels with a capacity of 400 watts, which thus provides a power of 3.2 kW, limited by a 3 kW inverter regulated by Enedis. His panels were mounted on a wooden structure he built himself. This is clearly in line with future increases in energy prices expected in 2024 When the tariff shield disappears, He decided to take on this little challenge.

Audren van Zalk solar power plant. Image credit: Audren Van Zalk/ObjectifZeroCarbone (or almost…) (Twitter screenshot Tweet embed)

How much did it cost?

Before submitting the application, he had to do a lot of research on the specific technical parameters of photovoltaic cells; It was not just about making his own power plant, but using it…Then the young man bought the panels, inverter and AC/DC boxes, at a cost of about €2,200, and added wood, electric wires and screws for a total cost of €2,700. Therefore it is considered Its cost price is 844 euros / kW When installed by a professional it costs between 1500 € and 3000 € / kW. The economy is great, isn’t it?

Audrey She chose to reintroduce what she did not consume into the public network for free, which sometimes saved her from lengthy administrative procedures, because in order to get a fee for pumping electricity, You must obtain Consuel’s approval Very strict conditions are respected. Then he chose a home battery to store his energy and use it for his needs, including To power the battery of his electric car Renault ZOE 22 kWh uses all the energy produced by its PV plants. Currently, Audrey It manually takes care of carrying the loads, but should soon be able to automate that. In the meantime, everything is working perfectly!

Installation for less than 3000 euros
Image credit: Audren Van Zalk/ObjectifZeroCarbone (or almost…) (Twitter screenshot Tweet embed)

The direction he chose according to his needs…

We have already explained to you, solar panels should generally be oriented to the south. AudreyHe chose to direct them to the southwest because his energy needs are greater in the evening; A way to improve its production according to its needs. And so he hopes Generating 3200 kWh of electricity annually And to be able to fully operate his Renault ZOE, which consumes 2000 per year.

The remaining 1,200 kWh will cover half of its annual domestic consumption. And so it can be realized Annual savings of 1,200 euros In electricity and pay off its photovoltaic station in less than 3 years .. Isn’t life beautiful? more information : ObjectifZeroCarbone (or almost…) / Twitter. Feel free to come back to his YouTube channel, Audrey He shares many very interesting tips.

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