And now, the Girondins await the verdict of CNOSF

After downgrading to National 1 in First Division at the DNCG on June 14, after an appeal was rejected on July 5, the Spanish-Luxembourg businessman …

After downgrading to National 1 in the DNCG’s first division on June 14, after an appeal was rejected on July 5, businessman Hispano-Luxembourg and his team finished their last “sports” appeal on Thursday in Paris. The Fight for Administrative Maintenance in Ligue 2: CNOSF Matchmaking Call.

He arrived at the beginning of the afternoon at the seat of power, near the Stade Charlte in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, nine among them were some new faces (lawyer Gilles Auguste, President of the Council of Ministers Auguste Debussy, or Director General of the Council of Ministers). Metropolis Services Bordeaux Gilles Vissier), representatives of the Club of Bordeaux were able to discuss with members of the legal service of the FFF including its director Jean Lapierre, under the supervision of conciliators from the authority. As in almost all cases in this procedure, no agreement was reached between the parties.

The ball is now in the hands of the latter, including Philip Messika, head of the matchmaking chamber. They should probably give their opinion on Monday, maybe Tuesday. If he proposes reversing the reduction decision, the FFF Executive Committee will have the choice to follow it or not.

Mara to gain credibility

On the merits, no concrete element has been leaked, in accordance with the very strong wishes of the conciliators in the face of increased media coverage of the file. In the model, relatives on both sides evoke a mixture of presenting arguments, discussions, and questions between each other. All topics cleared: disagreements over the DNCG Appeal Board’s reasoned notification, “improvements” or “deepening”, depending on the words chosen, made since the call, and the timing of their arrival.

For the occasion, the Bordeaux Club will have presented its best financial record from the start: new debt agreements with King Street and Fortress (giving up at least half) to enter into commitments to maintain minimal equity that were made a year ago and to be added €14 million reserved by Gérard Lopez Jogo Bonito to secure cash flow 2022-2023, as a reward for the transfer in Seko Mara’s termination to Southampton for €11 million.

“Southampton did not want to miss this talent”

“It has accelerated in the past four days. Unlike other players, who have a wait-and-see attitude from clubs interested in looking at our situation, Southampton did not want to let such talent pass,” confirms a close friend of the club. Without this being critical, but supporting value-added goals on budgeted transfers.

meet at the ministry

Too late ? This is clearly a good part of the question, while the conciliators have to judge above all on the merits, or not, to confirm when appealing a downgrade to N1, pushing the club towards liquidation.

Like previous weeks in front of the media, Girondin, who could not stay at this level due to lack of revenue, insisted on this result, while the protection scheme now in place makes it possible to significantly improve the financial situation and that the Court of Trade in Bordeaux approved the agreements , considering that the financing is applicable until June 2023 in L2. About the admissibility of the new elements, the club communicated on the social network Twitter citing the jurisprudence of the State Council in February 2020, then … in favor of the FFF, and Sochaux attacked him for following the opinion of CNOSF and contradicting the DNCG by accepting the rise of Lens in L1 in 2015.

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