Anger in Marseille after mention of ‘bought’ Champions League

It’s not just forests that are on fire these days. Gregory Schneider said Thursday in Evening teamIgnite the planet Marseille. journalist from Release He explained during the debate program on L’Equipe channel, that for him, Olympique de Marseille could not get “the mark of the largest French club”, which Chilean rookie Alexis Sanchez inflicted on him on Wednesday, during his presentation to the press. .

Then the VA-OM corruption case returned to the carpet in May 1993, before the Champions League final victory over AC Milan (1-0). And Gregory Schneider spoke about the club, “Poisoning opponents, corrupting referees, corrupting opponents and buying the Champions League.” Before qualifying a little: “I will not say that they bought it, I will say that it has no value in my eyes. »

Inevitably, Marseille fans reacted, often strong to put it mildly, on social networks. The club’s director of communications, Jack Cardoz, also taunted Gregory Schneider (to which he responded) on Twitter, with “offensive remarks to OM”.

Cardoz talks about “poison”

“When a journalist has no evidence, he develops an inner conviction argument and lets hatred and jealousy spread…a very visible thickness,” Cardoz said.

Renaud Muselier, president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, also took to the towers with this tweet: “In this video, the comments made by Gregory Schneider are insulting and unworthy. All this exudes contempt, hatred and slander against the biggest club in France and its history. #TeamOM I don’t mind. #TeamOM I don’t mind …forever the first. »

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