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Saint-Étienne will play this afternoon against Nimes Olympique at 3pm. After a 2-1 defeat in Burgundy last Saturday, the Batlis players want their first win of the season. Laurent Battles made choices this week, firing Bouanga, Yusef and Mason in particular. In the end, the first two flew to other projects. This is probability 11 according to people writing – green.


As Laurent Batlles announced at a press conference, several players are absent. looked b Anthony Briancon who, after intense preparation, suffers a slight injury to the back of the thigh. He spoke at Medilibre to talk about his absence: “Nothing too bad. It’s just an injury due to exhaustion from intense preparations but I am disgusted to miss this match.” Coach Battles is still reassured by saying thatu”iHe will resume training on Monday.”

The second missing Dylan Champost. After injuring his forearm, Saint-Etienne’s coach gave reassuring news of him: “Dylan (Chambust) on schedule. He has a prosthesis for training. Usually within 15 days it can be ok. He will have no worries. He will have to pay attention to recovery.” Antoine Gautier He has also missed since receiving a kick in the back in a friendly against Bordeaux. Should be back in August.

Another missing is Evan MasonThis decision is the coach’s choice.

Dylan Champost of Saint-Etienne during the friendly match between Grenoble and Saint-Etienne on July 15, 2022 in Chambon-sur-Lignon, France. (Photo by Roman Biard/ICONSport)


No surprises to expect, Etienne Green color He will keep his place in Saint-Etienne’s goals, especially after his good match against Dijon. He leaves without alternative experience as a promising young man, Noah Raveri, will accompany him. A good experience for this young man who has a bright future ahead.

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4 men defense

Laurent Batlles should review his game plan and system. His intense 3-6-1 attack took lightning in Dijon due to the ignorance of the players. In addition, half a word at a press conference admitted his desire to return to something more “rational”. Therefore, the central joint must consist of Michael Nadi And the Jimmy Girodon. Finally, on the right flank of this match, Sergey Palencia should start, thus playing his tenth match in the green shirt in three seasons. On the left, Gabriel Silva should take his place as he remains the only professional left side!

Serge Palencia of Saint-Etienne and Elise Shetty of Angers during the friendly match between Angers and Saint-Etienne at Raymond Stadium, Cuba on July 23, 2022 in Angers, France. (Photo by Eddie Lemeister/ICONSport)

middle 3

Evan New You should find a place for its holder after an interesting preparation. It will be accompanied by two audio players with Mehdi Kamara And the Victor Lobby. However, it is difficult to tell the true organization of this trident in the midline. It is possible to see Neyou at a low top with runners Lobry and Camara. However, it should not be ruled out that Kamara and Neo play on the same streak and Lopre is in 10th place as has been the case at Pau for the past two seasons!

Krasow to score

Without competition for his position, Jean-Philippe brochures He will start at the forefront of the attack and you will have to embody the attacks of Saint-Etienne. For this, he will be accompanied by Matthew Cavaro and Adel Auchish on the sides to serve them and make him shine. Harmless for 45 minutes, we hope to see more of Saint-Etienne’s adventure today!


Noah Raveri -Abdullah Bakayoko – Louis Sheep – happy and sow – Aimen good luck – Aimen IKE – Maxentius Rivera

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