At Hautacam, Jonas Vingegaard and Jumbo-Visma crush the race

On the heights of Lourdes (Hautes-Pyrénées), the town of this 18 . beginse One step, a miracle can always happen. On Thursday, July 21, the 2022 Tour de France fan looked like a pilgrim torn between his childhood faith and certain infidelity. Currently, the Committee on Miracles has not yet planned to take up the Wout van Aert and Jumbo-Visma files. But seeing the green jersey – the runner’s supposed outfit – blast Tadej Pojjakar 4km from his last climb to Hotakam, there’s so much to make you dizzy.

Relive the 18th stage of the 2022 Tour de France Yellow jersey Jonas Weinggaard stuns the Tour de France at Ottakam

The Belgian’s performance is not yet equal to Lazar’s resurrection, but he started early with an attack at a distance of zero kilometres, and swallowed Obiski and Spandelis passes like Jabal Flanderian in training. In this world turned upside down, climber Thibaut Pinot admitted relief “So that I can switch with him” At the top of the penultimate ascent.

At Hautacam, the Frenchman from Groupama-FDJ passed through Van Aert’s mill. Same fate for Daniel Martinez (Inios Grenadiers), not the worst climber to date. Upon his arrival, a Jumbo-Visma worker revealed his secret to the France 2: microphone. “It was a crazy day for me, I know I can be very strong in the mountains when I stay focused.”

So cycling is all in the head, but good legs and a big engine also help. Van Aert has it all in store to give credence to his performance that day. For a while, we’ve pictured him raising his arms at the top of a pass classified as out of class at 7.8%… and why not win the Best Climber jersey. Because yes, the runner-roller-puncher adventurer (don’t cross out the useless reference) didn’t win. We almost forgot about it, but today’s winner is Jonas Weinggaard. Fired by the Belgian, the Dane came to pick the stage and plant the final nail in the coffin of the ambitions of Tadej Pojjakar (UAE), who is now down to 3m 26sec overall.

“We would have the right to say that Pogacar’s attacks were unsuccessful when Vingegaard crossed the line at Hautacam this afternoon. In the meantime, it’s like telling the lumberjack that every blow with an ax is useless because the tree hasn’t fallen yet. » On Thursday morning, a British journalist found the right formula on Twitter to sell a last-hour putsch by the double champions.

“I haven’t won the tour yet”

Tadej Pojacar fell with his arms up, but a minute later the Danish tree, which had been rooted so well in the first place since taking power at Granon on July 13, fell. It is said mass and trial time on Saturday, although 40 kilometers, will not change the situation. As promised, the Emirati knight tried again. Four times, even. Four times Vingegaard brought him to his senses.

Jonas Vingegaard in front of Tadej Pogacar, during the 18th stage of the Tour de France, Thursday, July 21, 2022.

However, the person in question refuses to insult the future. ” There are two stages left and the trial time, I haven’t won the round yet.”Says the 25-year-old rider, who wasn’t born to see Louis Ocania in 1971 and Pascal Simon, twelve years later, lost a certain run in the fall to come close to winning.

In the Spandelles dynasty, Vingegaard also failed to join this closed and cursed club. “My chain jumped and when I tried to put pressure on the back wheel it slipped. I was just scared”And the Explains who did not pass far from the harmful sun. It’s hardly time to lower his heart rate and the yellow jersey sees his opponent making a mistake. Arriving at too fast a curve, Pogacar ends up in the gravel. Nothing really bad, except for his ripped pants. The Grand Prince, Vingegaard is waiting for him a few hundred meters away to get a handful in the form of Peace of the Brave. “It’s an unfortunate accident. So, of course, I waited for it.”justify.

For his part, the Slovenian understood. This tour will not be for him. Then he had sneaked up to his sporting director in the car: “I just want to win the stage.” But that fun Vingegaard would dismiss, Hautacam’s remarkable ease. Beautiful Loser, “Boogie” describes his very likely successor. “I dreamed of the yellow jersey, but when we gave it all up, I think there are no regrets. I did everything I could, I can be proud of myself. Yes, Vingegaard will win the Tour de France. She was the strongest.”

Incredible Offers

Some prefer the name Van Aert in their mouths. It must be said that Hautacam has always been the scene of incredible performances. At the heart of the EPO years, the Bjarne Reiss demonstration in 1996 occupied a very special place. That year, the Dane did not double the bread, but the acceleration. His loyal former fellow had turned into a predatory leader during the climb, climbing up and down the main group to measure the face of his opponents.

8 km from the end, the cat played with the mice enough and went alone. “I found out that she wasn’t going very fast. I went to my opponents’ side to watch them.”And the It was Summarize Peloton aka “Mr. 60%” due to the assumed hematocrit level. In 2007, Reese admitted to taking steroids. Time was removed from the charts, and his name appeared again with a mention of his confession. And the memory of Otakam was not far away.

Before the big departure, David Gaudo told Globalism Having attended the tour as a spectator during the Lance Armstrong years “With the French like [Sandy] Casar or [Pierrick] Fedrigo who won breakaway stages. » Three days after the finish, Groupama-FDJ’s Britton raced him. She ranks honors 4e A place in the general classification, but more than … 11 minutes behind Jonas Weinggaard. This is not Lourdes’ Grotto, but an abyss.

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