At least 18 dead after police operation in Rio Favela

At least eighteen people were killed on Thursday, July 21 during a massive police operation against organized crime in the favela district of Rio de Janeiro, Complexo do Alemão. Among them, sixteen “Suspect” At a press conference, a police spokesman said another person belongs to a criminal gang, another is a slum dweller and another member of the police.

The Office of Human Rights Defenders and the Human Rights Commission of the Brazilian Bar Association, separately, said they had information on 20 deaths, including the policeman and the woman. The death of the 50-year-old named Leticia Marinho de Sils is still under investigation. “We don’t know how it happened.”Colonel Ruggiero Lobaso, the military police in charge of the operation, said after expressing his regret.

A man impersonating a 50-year-old girl’s friend told the news site st 1 The police shot the car they were in. “There was a policeman at the red light, we stopped. But they still shot at the car. I saw her fall on my side. When I looked at her, she had a hole in her chest”Denilson Gloria said.

For his part, President Jair Bolsonaro expressed his sorrow for the death of policeman Bruno de Paula Costa, 38, without mentioning the other deceased. He died after a clash with the bandits.the far-right head of state said during His traditional presentation on social networkswhere he also complained about the supposed legal difficulties the authorities faced in carrying out operations in the slums.

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Tactics “military and guerrilla warfare”

About 400 members of the security forces, equipped with several armored vehicles and four planes, participated in this operation, in order to confront this sprawling clan, a gang specialized in stealing cars transporting goods and money.

Residents complained to local media about the police operation, during which homes were reportedly broken into. The testimonials you collected st 1 Report intense battles between authorities and criminals. Some videos posted by netizens show an explosion of shooting at a police helicopter.

The authorities claimed that their units were “oversteer”with tactics Army and guerrilla warfareDuring the operation, some suspected criminals were accused of using civilians as human shields. “The police must act to protect themselves and the population.”Fabricio Oliveira, Coordinator of the Special Unit of the Civilian Police (CORE), noted during the press conference.

qualify as“Creator” This operation is because it took place in an area traditionally off-limits to law enforcement and where criminals from other Brazilian states find refuge, he said.

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Huge human losses

Ronaldo Oliveira, the civilian police operations agent, said he preferred the officers “I captured the fifteen or fourteenth [présumés criminels abattus]Unfortunately, they chose to shoot the policemen.”. The authorities had previously made it clear that the aim of the operation was to rein in “expansive policy” Gangs of Complexo do Alemao in “Various Points in the State of Rio de Janeiro”.

The Rio State Military Police claimed on Twitter that “criminals” From the Complexo de Alemão they set fire to barricades, poured oil on public roads and attacked police officers to make the operation more difficult so that they could escape.

This is the second high-profile police operation in the Carioca favela in recent months, after the one in May in Villa Cruzeiro, which claimed 25 lives, including 23 suspects.

Brazil’s Supreme Court ordered the state of Rio in February to come up with a plan to avoid such heavy losses, and the strategy was presented in March, but human rights organizations, which often condemn alleged extrajudicial executions during this type of operation, considered it She is the other. mysterious. In 2021, 1,356 people were killed by police forces in this state, the highest number of dead and injured in clashes in Brazil, according to Monitor da Violencia.

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