At Tanger Tech, 99.99% of the jobs will be Moroccan (fake)

Médias24: Were you able to bring enough Moroccan capital into the auto industry on the current platform?

Riad Mazur: We do. There are actually a few, in the glass, the radiator, the recordings, the drums, and a few interesting pieces. Some are gaining significant market shares at the international level. I’m thinking of a representative from Fez who makes pistons and is in development. But it is true that there are not enough of them.

– Basically, you are not returning enough Moroccan capital to the industry.

-no no no. I do not agree with the wording.

Moroccan capital has taken a long time to take an interest in the industry as such, and there has been substantial work done over the past 15 years, and I have the impression that it has gone unnoticed.

Moroccan capital has been strongly non-industrial, in all sectors, for 15-20 years. He’s turned into real estate, in a very clear and intense way. And those who wanted to stay went to import and distribution. This is the price we paid for our openness to the world. This openness to the world is what has enabled us to build a more solid industrial platform that serves the world; We had to open up to attract investment.

During this rather complicated period when China became the factory of the world, Morocco had no choice but to open up and switch to an open economy to attract investors.

Let’s talk about Tanger Tech. You play a part in it since you are the Minister of Industry and represent the government to negotiate agreements like the one recently signed. Sources in Tangiers told us that this agreement will allow for the unblocking of the project, the marketing of the pieces, etc. Is that correct ?

-Yes Yes. It’s a very long negotiation. With regard to the price of the land, the methods of disposition upon appraisal, the methods of allotment, and the prices that will be offered to investors…

We had discussions and exchanges that were very long, which resulted in the mobilization of everyone, including the government, which led to this investment agreement with the company that will take on the project, a Chinese-Moroccan mixed company.

What is in the agreement?

– Methods of transferring land ownership, terms of assignment, all that I told you.

-Why don’t you post it?

-Because it is an agreement with a Special Representative and the Special Representative wishes to keep certain information for him.

Is it true that the only project currently under Tanger Tech is a furniture manufacturing project? Do you confirm this information from the office?

– I confirm that we have a furniture project, although the marketing has not officially started yet. It is not the only project. And it is not just a simple project, it is a completely integrated ecosystem, with which the world’s leading players in this sector have decided to create a very solid base in Morocco.

-Why do they come to Morocco and not to another place?

– Because there is Moroccan competitiveness and its proximity to one of the largest markets in the world. Because we have the skills, infrastructure, and incentive system that interest them.

Will the jobs in Tangiers for technology be Moroccan?

– The vast majority are Moroccan, more than 99% and even 99.99%.

But to start with furniture, even if it’s a big project, is confusing. It is still called Tanger Tech. We were thinking about high technology.

Tanger Tech is a 20-year project. Where there will be technology. However, there is know-how, design and creativity in furniture, which should not be neglected, not forgetting about smart furniture.

– What other projects do you have, since it is not just furniture?

– Today there are many projects, but above all there are projects that can be related to cars and renewable energies.

It is a city dedicated primarily to Chinese investments that will bring together cohesive ecosystems around these investments.

– Let’s dream a little: How do you see the future of Tanger Tech?

I see this as, among other things, a great project for an electric vehicle manufacturer, whether it’s two-wheelers, small mobility or even large vehicles.

Who are you actually talking to?

– We had discussions with a worker. There is a second visit that we scheduled a short visit to the site during this week.

On top of that, we had connected vehicles, a smart city, technology, huge engineering capabilities that would develop solutions for the world, and great Chinese-Moroccan universities.

-Will there be a city too?

-It is planned. An activity area of ​​this size is 470 hectares in the first phase. In the end, we will have 250,000 to 300,000 inhabitants. This is a city.

– What is the interest of these investors to come from now to establish in Tangiers?

– It’s simple: proximity and access to the European market, in terms of logistics and customs duties. Zero customs duties. We can send the goods by truck. These customers do not have to purchase large quantities to build stocks. It’s next to.

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