At the time of Shinzo Abe’s funeral, the investigation into the murder was still ongoing

It’s time to honor Japan. Four days after the murder of the former Japanese prime minister, his family and loved ones attended his funeral in Tokyo on Tuesday. The afternoon ceremony was scheduled to take place at the Zojoji Buddhist temple, central Tokyo, with the attendance of Shinzo Abe’s widow, Aki, and current Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

In the morning, many people spontaneously went in front of the temple to honor Shinzo Abe, who shocked the country with his violent death at the age of 67.

The public tribute was to be held later in Tokyo and in the southwestern prefecture of Yamaguchi, where the former leader was a member of the lower house of parliament.

funeral hour

More than 2,000 people attended Monday at the same temple, including Mr. Kishida, a representative of Emperor Naruhito, dignitaries from Japan’s political and economic world and foreign diplomats.

At the scene, a photo was shown showing Shinzo Abe smiling in a T-shirt without a tie, while a video clip showed Akie Abe singing and her husband accompanying her on the piano, people present told Gigi.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who is currently traveling in Asia, also attended the ceremony on Monday, and the Vice President of Taiwan made a secret visit to Tokyo for the occasion.

Posthumous decoration

According to local media, Shinzo Abe will posthumously be awarded the Grand Collar of the Supreme Order of Chrysanthemum, the archipelago’s finest decoration. He was attacked with a firearm on Friday while participating in a campaign rally in Nara (western Japan) for Sunday’s upper house elections, where his Liberal Democratic Party (nationalist right) won a comfortable victory. .

The suspect has been identified as the former Japanese Navy

In parallel, the investigation continues with the suspect arrested at the scene of the attack. Police have identified his suspected killer, who was arrested at the scene of the attack, as 41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami, a former member of the Japan Navy’s Maritime Self-Defense Force.

According to police sources cited by local media, he has seen videos on YouTube showing how to make a homemade firearm like the one used in the attack.

Revenge of the Moon Sect

The suspect explained that he deliberately targeted Shinzo Abe, saying that he was angry with an organization he believed to be affiliated with. The Japanese media soon claimed that it was a religious organization to which Mrs. Yamagami’s mother would make large donations, putting their families in great financial distress.

The Unification Church, a sect of South Korean origin also known as the “Moon Sect,” confirmed at a press conference in Tokyo on Monday that the suspect’s mother was among its followers, but confirmed that Shinzo Abe was neither a member nor an advisor to the congregation. organisation.

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