“Audience records prove that the audience is there in the summer”

INTERVIEW – Journalist replaces Catherine Matusch until August 7 in weekend editions in France 3. The former owner of “Télématin” is confident in the role she has played for nearly fifteen years.

“Thank you for your loyalty all weekends spent by your side”, concluded Sophie Le Sainte during her latest TV news for Summer 2022, Sunday, August 7. After five weeks on top of weekend releases, including “12/13” and “19/20,” Joker France 3 made way for Catherine Matusch. A summer season rewarded with the best audience participation in the national edition. The result has not happened since 2015. The journalist is used to the information.

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Since 1998, “This kid from France 2” As she likes to call herself, she cut her teeth for twenty-two years when presenting “Télématin” newscasts. At the same time, the presenter was the permanent replacement for Elise Lucet in “13 Heures”. Today, Sophie Le Saint dedicates herself exclusively to her role as a poker in France 3. As of August 29, she will be on “12/13” Emilie Tran Nguyen, on maternity leave. In a continuation of our summer series, Sophie Le Saint shares her visions, memories, and challenges as the Joker that she takes very seriously.

Le Figaro. – How was your summer at JT?
Sophie Le Saint. – Very well. The atmosphere of the editing room is special in summer, and more family-oriented. The difference is small, and therefore on a human scale. Work is more fun. One can also think that during this holiday period, viewers neglect the news, but the fans prove to us otherwise. Last week, France 3 posted their best results since 2015 for the “19/20” week and weekend. Our work is rewarded. The audience is on time.

What does this audience’s record reveal?
France 3 offers local newspapers. Our publications give center stage to our regions. This summer we launched our “Holidays near you” series that offers budget alternatives to getting away. With a low fuel budget, for example. Purchasing power is the main concern of the French, our subjects try to best meet their expectations. Proximity to our editorial fortunes. On vacation, at an aperitif around 7:30 p.m., the French tell themselves that they are going to rediscover their country and its regions.

On vacation, at an aperitif around 7:30 p.m., the French tell themselves that they are going to rediscover their country and its regions.

Sophie Le Saint

After the unexpected, does the news stay heavy in the summer?
completely. Editors were worried they would run out of weekend news during these five summer weeks. One can feel calm. That the fires behind us for example. Last Saturday, another fire broke out in Isere. Silence is just a short illusion.

What is your organization to deliver four copies over the weekend?
Our meetings begin on Wednesday, although on Monday and Tuesday, which are holidays, everyone keeps an eye on the national and regional press. On Thursday, we have a preparatory conference, during which we take a look at the topics we have. Those who have already shot, among them, so to speak, we market according to the news. Then, on Thursday afternoon, department heads propose topics and reports to be produced. By Friday, our driver was established. And we can get to the heart of the matter.

“I’m not sure that the intense pace of a news channel suits me.”

Sophie Le Saint

Is there a difference between the role of the Joker and the role of the initiator?
No difference. I was pregnant for 22 years and at the same time the Joker of Elise Lucet in “13 Hours” in France 2. I feel the same responsibility. But let’s not forget that delivering news is a teamwork. Many people beside me. From our correspondents in the field to the editors.

What memories do you have of your first time in this position?
My first replacement was Elise Lucet at the age of 13 Hewers. It happened so long ago that I don’t remember exactly… However, I have a very clear memory of a weekend when I replaced Laurent Delahousse in no time. ’20 hours’ is the high block, I really felt an enormous pressure on my shoulder. Five minutes before the live broadcast, William Limergy called me to tell me “Here, I’m settled, I’m watching you… It’s exactly the same as ‘Télématin’ news, so it’s all right!” “. And all went well. I will never forget this moment. I am grateful to have been commissioned with great releases like these.

Can the Joker add a personal touch to his newsletters?
Everyone has their own personality and shows it on air, you can’t cheat. In life, I am a very empathetic person and I have to feel this in my launches and the way I appear on screen. By the way, they tell me that. Just yesterday, on the train, a gentleman told me that he really appreciated my smile and kindness. This is very cute.

Would you exchange with Catherine Matusch the owner who replaces him?
This summer, not at all! I’ve replaced Catherine regularly for a year and a half now. With the editorial team, we really wanted you to take full advantage of her vacation. At first we exchanged a lot. I’m a pure kid from France 2, after 22 years on “Télématin” and substitutions for Elise Lucet in “13 Heures”, I needed her advice. For me, she’s a pro in France 3. Now, I let her rest.

Do you have other projects after this summer?
I leave the “2/5 in the afternoon” section of France Info. Management asked me to provide alternatives in France 3, both during the week and at the weekend. I will be back on air on August 29th to replace Emily Tran Nguyen on “12/13”, I’m still on maternity leave. It is true that after three years, I am not sure that the strong rhythm of a news channel suits me. I learned a lot but the pace is tough. Next season, I will focus 100% on my role as the Three Jokers. At the same time, I have a lot of ideas. You know, at first, I wanted to become a film critic. I love culture, and even if there are fewer and fewer dedicated shows, it’s something I haven’t done yet! So why not? That would be great! One thing is for sure, I won’t move from public service, I’m very attached to it.

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