Austrian Grand Prix – Bonus Prize: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) puts Max Verstappen (Red Bull) K.-O. in the episode

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Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull) fared better than at Sakhir and Jeddah, exchanging first place with DRS for a bit over the phone. Their battle was beautiful, intense and clean, and Monaco made three clear maneuvers to neutralize the Dutchman. And we don’t count maneuvers in the rest of the peloton at these famous turns 3 and 4.

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Austrian Grand Prix

Ferrari has stopped messing around but they still have a big black cloud over their heads.

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Winner: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

1 everywhere! Max Verstappen won at Imola, and Monaco returned his Spielberg coin to him. Having failed five races to questions of reliability and devious strategies, Charlotte had the tremendous advantage of continuing to rally, without wasting useless energy focusing on his frustrations. Flawless in qualifying but narrowly lost on Friday, hampered by a teammate on Saturday, quickly relegated the F1 75 to a good distance on Sunday, attacking his real opponent in irresistible fashion, three times. Because he maximized Medium’s capabilities in the first task and then kept that advantage with Hard.

It is a true milestone in terms of leadership and technical excellence that brings it back to dynamism. Even if he only took five points over the entire weekend from world number one Max Verstappen, he still has 38 points to fill the world championship.

Batting: Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

It’s rare to see such variance from Saturday to Sunday. The 23 comfortable laps of the sprint is unlike the one it was on Sunday. As usual in these cases, he did not do half the procedures: “I couldn’t attack under braking, I couldn’t hit the gas pedal, I had no traction, and after two laps on each mission I lost a lot of speed.

His RB18 wasn’t particularly prepared for “hard” runs, and he paid for his impotence every time Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) shrieked behind his back.

When down by five points, it performs very well. “In difficult times, you have to score points and we have done that.” Like at Silverstone.

Reap: Mercedes

An almost unexpected rebound in 48 hours, from W13s scattering and scattering like a puzzle in the gray garage Friday evening to the weekend’s (38) point record on Sunday.

Biggest Loser: Sergio Perez (Red Bull) and Carlos Sainz (Ferrari).

Huge disappointment for ‘Checo’ who paid cash for crashing into George Russell (Mercedes) in the first round. His Red Bull is in disrepair, the team preferred to block it to preserve its drive for the future. World No. 2 for three meetings, surpassed by Charles Leclerc (Ferrari).

As for the Spaniard, he saw himself from Silverstone in Ferrari’s No. 1 future boot, but his late Charles Leclerc jumped from 12 to 37 points due to his retirement. Who will force him to drive, except for a miracle or recycle old items, with a new power unit in the Grand Prix de France and collect a penalty payment on the grid.

The surreal moment: Fernando Alonso (Alpine) educates Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri)

Feverish driver: Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri)

Rebelote by Rouennais. After the wheel of Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) at the start of the sprint, the Frenchman once again miscalculated his bargain by reducing steering in Sebastian Vettel’s Aston Martin at Turn 4. He was found guilty, punished with five seconds, and received another penalty at the same time for off-track passes at No. 10.

It’s the weekend to forgetHe confessed. I haven’t seen the footage yet but I received a penalty so I think I’m responsible for the incident with Sebastian (Vettel). I tried to fight back but it’s still hard in this corner and he spins it. Now we need a big fat reset. We have ten days to understand why we’ve been slow and know what needs to be done to improve.”

Bonus: Esteban Ocon and Alpine

Top 5 good positions and ‘Best Others’ status for Norman, and top 10 for Fernando Alonso. “We really maximized the speed of the car when needed.French analysis. A great way to celebrate my 100th Formula One Grand Prix! I had big fights on the track but in the end George Russell (Mercedes) was very fast. I’m now eighth in the drivers’ world championship standings and (Alpine) tied with McLaren in the rankings. We are heading in the right direction and well on pace ahead of the French Grand Prix.”

Punishment: The behavior of some supporters

Sadly, this Austrian stage will also be one of unfortunate applause and joy from the outspoken audience when the Mercedes car hit Lewis Hamilton and George Russell hard in the third quarter on Friday. The fact that Max Verstappen was booed last week at Silverstone is in no way an excuse or explanation for boundless stupidity, nor a lack of intelligence or even education. As if they didn’t have enough, some posted profanity and defamatory remarks on social networks towards other fans or pilots.

Formula One said on Sunday morning it had been informed of the measures since the first tests on Friday. We talked about it to the (local) promoter and the security servicesThe World Championship promoter wrote in a statement. We will speak to those who have reported these incidents and take them seriously. This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. All fans should be treated with respect.” The FIA ​​and Formula 1 must find ways to end this behaviour.

Stats: 11

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) is now the only driver to have finished 11 races this season.

Statement: Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)

This seems to be the story of my season: Once I have a bit of a beat, something goes wrong. We had to do the doubling easily.

Austrian Grand Prix

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Austrian Grand Prix

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