Axopar 45 XC CrossCabin Test: An exceptional boat

Covering nearly 14 meters with all the strengths on which the shipyard has built its reputation, Axopar 45 takes the Finnish builder to a new dimension. Packed with technology, this innovative boat sails on a truly stunning hull. Images: Doctor and author.

Among the boats whose release has been postponed due to the consequences of the Covid 19 epidemic, the Axopar 45 was certainly among the most anticipated … It was initially scheduled in January during the Düsseldorf Boot, the official presentation finally at the end of April due to the cancellation of the German exhibition.

Presented on the sidelines of the Palma de Mallorca fair, the largest model ever built by a Finnish shipyard was launched with great fanfare. For the occasion, the Port Calanova marina, located a few kilometers from the city center of the capital of the Balearic Islands, has been transformed into a showcase of construction expertise.

Grill inside, you had to dare to do it and Aksubar did it. An achievement achievable by allowing the cockpit to be opened widely via a double sunroof and four sliding side doors. In the front, the damped shaft is mounted on two rods in order to move backwards and convert to a tilted shaft.

Customers and journalists from all over Europe and the United States flocked to discover the shipyard’s new flagship whose sales numbers have never ceased to drive the counter frenzy. Founded only eight years ago, Axopar is now one of the fastest growing European companies, with sales increasing by 40% annually and 1,000 boats built in 2021!

Fluidity of spaces and innovations

With 20 copies sold even before it was shown, the Axopar 45 is part of this crazy dynamic. In keeping with his Nordic temperament, the patio design team was careful not to cut corners and made sure to get a completely finished product before it was put on the market. “It’s number 0, a prototype,” recalls Jean-Eric Vittala, co-founder of the yard and head of creative and innovation, who welcomed us on the boat.

Shown here in the XC CrossCabin Edition, the Axopar 45 will also be available with four other types of configuration, like its 28- and 37-foot-tall siblings. Upon boarding the ship, we quickly notice that innovations are plentiful. Keen to offer a model that facilitates rotation and communication between the interior and exterior as much as possible, the boat’s designers did not hesitate to offer two large sliding doors on each side of the wheelhouse.

Axopar 45xc cockpit table
The rail-mounted cockpit table can move forward and rotate on an axis for easier access to the aft. A central seat lift allows access to ample storage space on the standard version and to a second compartment on the optional version.

This system makes it possible to open forward or backward as needed, while ensuring optimum ventilation. In addition, it connects the interior of the wheelhouse at the level of two inclined struts, which do not go down to floor level, but at an average height to provide two seats on each side.

“We did not want to tilt the fort at sea level in the cockpit for safety reasons,” Vitala explains. Because at anchor, if the boat rolls over, the waves raise the barricades. The presence of a kitchen cabinet with grill behind the cockpit may come as a surprise, but this takes on its full meaning with the side openings and the presence of two huge smooth surfaces that allow for outdoor cooking.

This has the peculiarity of mounting on bars so that it can retreat a few tens of centimeters. It is thus transformed into a tilted center in navigation, allowing three people to recline in the direction of travel.

Good internal / external rotation

The large saloon that occupies the back of the wheelhouse has a U-shaped seat flanking a folding table top. Note that it must be rotated to raise the rear seat and access ample storage space – or an optional cabin.

The front cabin, the access to which is hidden to the left of the cockpit, has two leather seats facing each other, a double bed and a very practical bathroom, located on the right side. This also uses the principle of the two butterfly doors already seen aboard the Axopar 37, allowing it to communicate with the outside of the boat.

axopar 45xc helmet station
There is no blind spot to obstruct the pilot’s view from the rudder station. All devices are managed from the screens through a dedicated application.

There is a comfortable sun deck with headrest in the bow as well as a very practical and innovative mooring system. But when you step foot on the Axobar, the urge to get behind the wheel burns your toes. A true center of technology, however, the helm station is stylistically sober.

The steering console rarely feels like the world of car driving. Apart from about fifteen buttons located to the left of the bar, all devices are managed from two Simrad screens, 12 inches in the standard version and 16 inches in the option.

Axopar 45xc . front cab
The front cab has good volumes at the foot of the portico and has a large double berth.

Through an interface specially developed by the shipyard, its users can also quickly and intuitively control basic navigation functions and take advantage of night vision thanks to the presence of the Sionyx thermal camera. This simplicity is also found at the level of the bar, allowing you to control the volume, trim or arc using your thumb, just like in your car.

hydrodynamic structure

axopar45 xc hull
Extremely economical, the Belhawk’s chassis works wonders at high revs.

“Most manufacturers make the habitability of their boat the number one standard. At Axopar, driving has always been a priority. Handing over the pilot’s seat to us, Jean-Eric Vittala insists on emphasizing the semi-obsessive work the arena has been doing since its inception to improve the hydrodynamics of its hull.

Comfortable and easy to ride

Even knowing the builder’s previous models, it’s hard not to be surprised by the boat’s behavior. Powered by three Mercury V8-300 Verados, this 13.90-meter model is uneven on acceleration and provides perfect visibility for the pilot at all speeds. Impressively easy to steer, the Axopar 45 virtually sticks to the sea with its double-step hull and center of gravity as low as possible.

Without lying, it seems impossible for the boat to stop in turn, even at nearly 40 knots! During our testing in the Balearic Islands, we arrived at
42 knots, but the yard reports a top speed of 46 knots with better propellers and ideal cruising conditions.

In addition, the hull is designed to provide a stable consumption curve at 4.3 liters per mile when cruising at 18 to 35 knots. A fast and agile boat on the water, designed for daily and all-season use, the Axopar 45 cannot deny its origins.

very good price

This is confirmed by the price. Offered from €514,900 excluding VAT, this new market leader has very attractive prices due to its many qualities. This is, of course, a version without options, but Jan-Erik Vittala draws the attention of his customers to the real usefulness of some of them on board this type of model.

Co-founder of the site
We did our test in Mallorca with Jean-Eric Vittala, co-founder of the shipyard.

Is a gyro stabilizer necessary given the stability of the boat? Is air conditioning with these ventilation capabilities necessary? Is it reasonable to carry a generator on board a unit equipped with a system capable of recharging the batteries from the motors? Many questions are left to the discretion of buyers of this exceptional model, designed to play the leading roles in all seas of the world.

Axopar 45 XC CrossCabin Features

total length 13.90 pm

height 4.11 pm

Draft 0.85 m

weight 7

Connecting external

Max power 3 x 300 HP

fuel 1390 liters

Water 250-300 liters

cabins 1/2

sidewalks 2/4

category b / 14 people.

Axopar 45 XC CrossCabin Performance

round per minute speed in knots Consumption in liters / hour Yield in thousand/litre Range * (miles)
3000 15.1 74 4.9 227
3500 21.2 95 4.5 247
4000 30.2 128 4.2 265
4500 36 160 4.4 253
5000 40.6 214 5.3 210
5760 46.6 253 5.4 206

Price and Equipment for Axopar 45 XC CrossCabin

514900 EUR excluding taxes 3 x 300 HP Exit the construction site.

Standard Equipment Butterfly doors, 60L refrigerator, double sliding doors on each side, electric sunroof, tilting sides, 6kw arc motor, etc.

Options Mercury joystick, white motors, aft cab, air conditioning, heating, water heater, induction hob, grill, extra 65 liter refrigerator, gyro stabilizer, 16″ Simrad monitors, etc.

Our reviews

the most:

  • Exceptional structure and sailing behaviour.
  • Very stable boat when standing still.
  • It pushed modularity to its climax, with the idea of ​​offering an easy-to-move boat.
  • Very well equipped as standard.
  • Really innovative design.
  • money value.

the least :

  • Quite cramped bathroom.
  • Decreased visibility when turning to the right due to heavy heels.

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