Baccha Festival: 24 Hours of Afro-Caribbean Music in Vauclin with Kalash, Vayb, Ckay…

Everything is ready for this unmissable two-day event (13 and 14 August 2022) in Voocklen. Unique and eclectic programme. More than 40 artists and DJs will follow each other on two stages including Clash, Moran Foer, Tito and Kema, Vibe, Kes The Band, Rachelle Allison, Ckay, Pheelz…

Festival-goers cross their fingers in this seventh edition that brings 24 hours of Afro-Caribbean music to a mega-show.

No Pasha Festival in 2021. Organizers prefer caution due to the pandemic. We understand the euphoria that drives the organizers and festival goers. Artistic life is back and the Pacha Festival is giving itself the means to please the public.

DJ Killerz and Kalash are in the middle of a session.

© Laurent Gentiuelle

Two stages for more than 40 artists

More than 40 artists and DJs must tune in to each other every day from 12 noon to midnight, in both phases of the festival. A bold bet for a program that keeps its goals in sight. Gather thousands of people to share your musical moments intensely. Strengthening differences by sharing Caribbean music and cultures.

Therefore, opening up to the world means creating a tourist and economic portal. In 2020, Voocklin received a visit of 30,000 people.

Kalash, Prince Swani, Vibe, Ronesia…

Saturday 13Kalash Kamel is an artist, one of the most awaited artists with “Tombolo”, his instant success. Rapper Prince Swanny has been announced, as has Kima.

Always among the big names in Kes, the band brings soul-tinged Soca, Calypso, to island rhythms.

Among the other artists are two women. Martinique, Moran Foer and Guadeloupe Rachel Alison.

band bag

Kes the band at the Baccha Festival program in Vauclin.

© Pacha Festival

Sunday August 14 Continuation of the party with the group Vape. Revisiting the essence of direct kompa. Afro-pop voices will be represented by Kalipsxau from Réunion and Ronisia from Cape Verde.

Saël and his friends, Danthology and Magic accompanied by Tanto Metro & Devonte and Daddy Nuttea, are festival-goers with the “Legends reggae dancehall” group.

Deejay is ready to ignite the scenes

There are of course sacred monsters like DJ Killers Saturday 13 August With a resounding anthology show or DJ Boofy nicknamed “The Real Mixer”, which for the first time Sunday 14 August At the Pasha Theatre.

DJ Harry Killers

DJ Harry Killerz performs in front of thousands of spectators.

© Laurent Gentiuelle

Saturday 13 AugustR: In the “bacchanaliers” program; Guadeloupeans Tkrys, master of Soca and ballroom and Jicypie master of sweet and savory mixtures. Active locomotive. Greg, prince of hip-hop and ballroom and Skoll ambianceur.

Sunday 14 Augustother DJs: Natoxie Boiled, Turntable Monsters Payou, D Dream and Amigo, and intoxicating music and mix actors Dan, Kopp, Kawest, Foxx-T and Stonekilla.

The party promises to be beautiful and eclectic and should end with the apotheosis with a fireworks display.

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