Badé, Terrier, Mandanda…: What to remember from SM Caen – Stade Rennes

Rennes won his second friendly match in this setting. What are the lessons learned from the meeting?

Calm Mandanda and orbit is already decisive

There was an alert a few seconds later during a face-to-face encounter with Vandermerch, then the calm after the storm. Yesterday, the rookie from Stade Rennes was a starter in the first period and was serious for the first time. So you step in, and instruct at any cost to set up her joint in case of lack of experience. The first success, as confirmed by Bruno Genesio. It has brought security and safety. It’s an added advantage for us, and also in the game of kicks, the confidence he brings to his defence.”

The second period witnessed the occupation of Dogan Almadar Cage Rin. When his team had possession of the ball (the bulk of the time), the goalkeeper acted as the third central defender in the possession stages, ascending slightly to rotate the ball. But the number 2 among the goalkeepers was also decisive, as he scored a penalty kick from Abdi (86 .).e), before losing minutes later with a kick from Qirmah.

Terrier, of course

Who else will open the goalpost this season at Rennes? With his 21 goals last season, Martin Terrier did it again to score the first goal in preparations, with help from Hammari Traore. As a bonus, he reassured the striker about his future, which is announced in the camera lens of English clubs. “I feel good here. When you have a good season, of course it is good to see the big clubs that are interested in you, but I am good here.”

I want to be at ease

While waiting for reinforcements, particularly Kim Min-Jae’s file to finally find the epilogue, the hinge was composed by Badé and Belocian, then Françoise and finally Guela Doué. So Loic Badé was the only player to play the entire match, and personified one of the things that satisfy this match. Solid and clean in his tackles, the one who was disappointed in his first season in the SRFC showed a fine level at a time when his sector was worrying fans. “I really liked his game.” Genesio تحليل Analysis “Only a preparatory match against Ligue 2 remains, so that has to be confirmed, but it bodes well. I have always said that we cannot judge a player who signs 4-5 years at a club only in the first year. He is still a young player, and it is up to us to improve.”

Desiree Douy, my favourite

Stand against Friborg Initially, the midfielder entered the second half against Caen. The author of a noted setting among professionals in which he participated with his older brother Gela. In the legs, the 17-year-old showed an alarming ease, as he easily managed to get rid of his confrontation, find the appropriate solutions and, on the verge of embodying his good performance with a goal, in a distant free kick that he got himself. If it fades a little during the last quarter of an hour, it counts.

Geneseo Alerts Already

But Bruno Genesio also wanted to bring the downside to this victory. The score (2-1) was there of course, but Rennes is technically catching up early in the match, making a complicated first half hour against a good block from Kane. Some errors and some individual breakthroughs did not satisfy the coach.

“What I regret is some losses on the ball in areas where we need to secure our game a lot more which should have cost us a lot in the first half, especially towards the end of the game. It was not what I expected from my team, the team that plays collectively. We got stuck in Solo raids, many touches of the ball when there was more simplicity. We conceded one goal and could have conceded another. We have to learn from this, it’s early in the season but we have to quickly learn from our mistakes and recover well in the humility that was a big part of Our strength last year.”

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