Bailly on the horizon, amount needed for DIENG, another player to be pursued by English clubs? 3 OM news for this Thursday!

Like every evening, FCM 3 brings you today’s news! On the show this Thursday: Bayley on the horizon, Amount needed for DIENG, another player English clubs follow?

Mercato Ohm: Longoria is now targeting the Manchester defender!

Olympique de Marseille presented its last recruit, Alexis Sanchez. The Olympic transfer period is not over yet. A defensive reinforcement is expected, especially when the Duje Caleta Car is pushed toward the exit.

Olympique de Marseille’s transfer window is not over yet. Marseille’s leaders still hoped to recruit conscripts to strengthen Igor Todor’s group, especially in defense. Knowing that Duje Caleta Car was being pushed further out than ever, Pablo Longoria had reinvigorated one of his targets from the winter transfer market. Indeed, as indicated by L’Equipe, Marseille would have resumed contact with the Manchester United centre-back. Eric Bailey (28 years old). The Ivorian international appears open to the Olympic proposal, but Manconian Club does not want to hear about a loan with an option to buy. Dry Transfer will only be available to the contract player until 2024.

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Push Kalita Carr to the exit!

Olympique de Marseille officially announced the arrival of Alexis Sanchez on Wednesday. President Pablo Longoria was at a press conference to introduce the Chilean but also mentioned some issues after the OM transfer period. When asked about Duje Caleta-Car, the manager confirmed that he has not changed his policy regarding contract termination.

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Case Caleta Kark This is a special case. The club’s policy has not changed. OM will not have any players at the end of the contract. It is clear to the player that we spoke to the player’s entourage » Pablo Longoria Source: press conference (22/8/10).

Mercato Ohm: Decision made for Dieng’s future! the aforementioned amount?

Olympique de Marseille already wants to separate from Bamba Deng. According to Fabrizio Romano, the club is demanding 15 million euros.

Bamba Dieng has been on the transfer list since the summer transfer window, and must leave Olympique de Marseille. Pablo Longoria had made the decision to sell the player despite his desire to stay and establish himself in this workforce. According to Fabrizio Romano, two Premier League teams are interested in his profile. The amount mentioned is 15 million euros, according to the information of the Italian journalist.

This is a special situation that must be resolved ASAP! »

For actor Musa Maskari, Tudor made the right choice by removing Pemba Deng from the team. He understands the Croatian coach’s desire not to play a player who is about to leave. However, he insists the situation must be resolved quickly or else it will become a problem for the club. My camp believes that there are no defendants in this case and that everyone is defending their interests. For him, the situation should be settled amicably as quickly as possible in the interests of the player and the club.

“It’s a shame because he’s a young player. He has the future. He shouldn’t stop in his tracks. It’s also up to him to figure out what he wants to do at OM. I think Dieng was a victim of Tudor management. That. He will have more interest in putting someone who will play this season on the field rather than the player who is likely to leave before the end of the transfer window. It’s a bit of a special situation. I don’t think there is any culprit in this case, either from the player’s side or from the club side. This is a situation that needs to be resolved quickly. Pemba Deng is a good footballer and needs to play. If he is not in OM, he will be somewhere else. It is a bit of a problem for the rich. We have a lot of players and we have to let go of many of them who have the qualities that enable them to Make room for others.” Musa Makari – Source: Marseille Football Club (08/08/2022)

Mercato Ohm: After Dieng, the English club puts itself on the unwanted Tudor!

After being left out of the starting line-up since Jonathan Klaus came to power, Paul Lirola could leave OM this summer. Southampton will appreciate his profile to replace Livramento, who is still injured.

Olympique de Marseille will not be up against a few departures this summer, especially after being recruited on a large scale. This Wednesday, Alexis Sanchez was introduced to the press and Pablo Longoria answered a few questions about the rest of the transfer window. The boss wants two players in each position, i.e. 22 players on his team.

Southampton wants Paul Lirola

With Jonathan Klaus arriving as a starting right back, Paul Lirola didn’t have the expected playing time. The Spaniard could consider leaving OM to participate more in the project. According to several media outlets including Sacha Tavolieri and Sky Sports, Southampton will appreciate his profile.

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The English club wants to get a boost to compensate for the injury of Tino Livramento, injured since the end of last season and who has not yet recovered. The injury was only temporary, and the saints would rather have a loan than a dry conversion. To see if that will be enough to satisfy OM and Pol Lirola.

Longoria would like to find a director for Cedric Bakambu, Paul Lirola, Sid Kolasinac, and Jordan Amafi.

We have already mentioned the complex situation of Bamba Deng. Today, Pablo Longoria would like to partner with many players. He would like to find a director for Cedric Bakambu, Paul Lirola, Sid Kolasinac and Jordan Amafi. We are not immune to the departure of a great player like Milik or Gerson. If in the last days the club woke up from the transfer window and decided to put a big show on the table, it is not impossible for an important component of the workforce to leave. Florent Germain – Source: BFM Marseille (08/08/2022)

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