Basketball and handball participation between Lille and Paris with the approval of the Organizing Committee

Will the mapping of the Olympic competitions be final soon? Paris 2024 It met its Board of Directors (CA), at its headquarters in Saint-Denis, on Tuesday, July 12. The agenda mainly focused on determining venues, with the main topic of discussion being the location of the men’s and women’s basketball events. The option that was defended on Tuesday by the president of Paris 2024, Tony Estanguet, is the exchange of positions between Paris and Lille (North) for basketball and handball.

Paris will host the preliminary stages of handball as well as the final stages of basketball. Thus, Lille will be the host city for the basketball qualifiers and the final stages of handball. “This option has the advantage of not adding an additional location. It also allows the return of handball to Paris, which was the only team sport that did not have matches in the capital. This finally gives us the possibility to rebalance, to have the strongest project because it is more fair”, Paris 2024 referred to franceinfo: sports. A solution that ticks all the boxes for the organizing committee in terms of budget and sports equity, while it is opposed by the dispute before the International Basketball Federation, which rejected several proposals for sites.

From an economic point of view, too, this option would be interesting, since the Pierre Moroy stadium has a very large number of spectators. “Our budget is funded by tickets, up to a third. So it’s important that we keep a major sport in Lille,” Adds 2024 Games Organizing Committee. On Tuesday, the Board of Directors gave authorization for this solution. However, the site will not be final until the IOC gives the green light. If Paris 2024 does not have a deadline for respect in order to formally map its locations, “IHowever, the faster the better. Hopefully within the committee.

The final location is still uncertain, but it’s on the right track: the shooting location. “We got confirmation from elected officials on the grounds that they are committed to following the specifications,” Paris indicated 2024. Thus the shot will be returned to Châteauroux (Indre), where a “The site was built in 2018 by the French Federation”. The International Federation has already endorsed the idea, according to Paris 2024. This option has the advantage of using an already existing site, which, again, will avoid creating an additional temporary site. The International Olympic Committee will also have to ratify this decision.

The last point discussed: the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games. The Organizing Committee, which presented its work to the Board of Directors, imagined a party in the Place de la Concorde, in the stadium prepared for the Olympic Games, which will notably host basketball 3 × 3, and skateboarding break. Here again, the board of directors has given a mandate, which allows Paris 2024 to now submit its project to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) so it can choose between this option and the more traditional option at the Stade de France.

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