Before the semi-finals of France and Germany – will the French national team be ready?

From our special correspondent at Ashby de la Zouche

The pattern was well known. Les Bleues starts with a blast, living a hellish life for the opposing team for thirty minutes before falling in line, or until he slowly but surely retreats. Against Italy (5-1), Belgium (2-1) and Iceland (1-1), Al-Ahsa suffered a face-to-face match with an alarming similarity. Did the pump hit them? “I knew you were worried about the sports side, and I thought you were given a lot of answers‘, Corinne Deacon almost enjoyed her win over Holland (1-0, AP) as the boost to the incoming strength had allowed her to give an impression of continued strength.

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But the rest period is short-lived. On Sunday, at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, it was already necessary to return the cover with a recovery session for some, but physical exercises for others. Because Germany arrives quickly starting from Wednesday (9 pm). With the German national team having benefited from three days of semi-final preparation in Milton Keynes, the Germans, finalists on Thursday, will be able to benefit from a full five days.

This is a legitimate victory for Corinne Deacon.

There will always be a disadvantaged team

Honestly, I don’t think that’s a good thing.estimated Jackie Gronin, the Dutch player, a quarter ago. I really don’t understand why it is organized like that. This is not very fairIn response to a question at a press conference, Corinne Deacon did not seek to feel sorry for the fate of the French woman:When you win, you always recover faster. After the injustice .. the calendar is like this, we knew it from the beginning. We will adapt“.

We know that in competition there will always be a disadvantaged team, today we areKadidiatou Diani, summarized after the match. Well, we won’t take that as an excuse. We’ll go there and give everything we can.”. For this, they can count on an executioner they know well: Anthony Gretsch-Angelini, Blue’s physical trainer. Already, in 2019, he was able to prepare a whole program to deal with any eventuality.

When we spoke with the coach and all the staff, the goal was very clear and based on two principles: to be in shape on July 10 and to keep it as long as possible, six times ninety minutes.He explained in a pre-tournament press conference, at the center of a two-week sequence, that work will be of substance in the opinion of the players, and since then, customization has become the priority when preparing for the blue matches. “I trust the staff. The preparation was top quality and we are ready to go all the way.Diane confirmed.

Anthony Gretsch Angelini and Corinne Deacon in training at Ashby de la Zouche

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Overall progress since 2019

A lively conscience, it will be all blues, each in turn conjuring water, food or refreshment when planning the semi-finals. “We’re sequencing matches but when we get in the last four it’s like thatCharlotte Bilbo showed on Sunday. But we are ready for it, we are the best athletes. What matters now is lifestyle, hydration. It is important to take care of your body“.

In this field, everything was facilitated by the habits of the players, and now they are all professionals, mostly playing for clubs with a large floor and unseen action. “In fact, the physical preparation in general has developed, especially thanks to the professionalism of the clubs, which affected the players.Follow prepared blue. They are used to heavy loads, know their bodies well, maintain themselves better and do a better job of preventing injury.“.

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And if by chance they are physically shorter, renewable energy may come out of the challenge. The adrenaline rush during major events sometimes works wonders. “We definitely wanted more ‘recycling’.Bilbout offers. But on the other hand, we can’t wait to play these matches. We work every day to experience such feelings. So we’ll get back to it quickly“.

Against Holland is the “stack”, in the person of Salma Pasha, who made the tricolor electrifying and brought in a great deal of racing. On Wednesday, you can count on her to do it again. “Of course there is still fuelI laughed in the mixed zone after qualifying. We must leave everything to England: our lungs, our hearts, our courage!As long as it has legs…

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