Beijing Express – The contradiction between the spouses makes netizens hallucinate

On Wednesday, August 10, the final of “Beijing Express” was broadcast on M6. The discrepancy between the last couple made netizens hallucinate. M6 screenshot

On Wednesday, August 10, M6 broadcast the finale of the 16th season of “Beijing Express” entitled “Duos de choc”. In this last episode, Enes Rig and her sister Anis Rachel Legrain confront Trapani and her companion Valentin Leonard. And between the couple’s arguments and the good sense of humor of the two sisters, there was a real contradiction on the show, to the point that netizens had hallucinations in front of their screens. Finally, the good has paid off since Ennis Rig and her sister won the match.

It’s the big night for all Beijing Express fans. This Wednesday, August 10, the “Celebrity” special on M6 is over. This time, viewers were happy to discover the stunning landscapes of Sri Lanka. And after six weeks of intense competition, the still-in-the-shock duo raced to the final stage in the heart of this island nation. During the evening, Valentin Leonard and Rachel Legrain encounter Trapani Ennis Rig and her sister Anais. We can say that the quartet redoubled its efforts in an effort to win the sixteenth season of the “Beijing Express”.

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However, this finalist of the “Beijing Express” was placed under the sign of uneasiness. Since the beginning of the adventure, Rachel Legrain-Trapani and her companion Vincent are torn apart. During this final episode of the M6 ​​show, tensions came to a head. Between the duo, she was electric and the two candidates lost a lot of time arguing. For Internet users, their relationship is “horrible” and above all “toxic”. The tuk-tuk test, where the young man was blindfolded while his companion was guiding him with her voice, was a real rupture between them.

“You have to stop suffering.”

Several Twittos users pointed the finger at Vincent Leonard’s behavior, which they likened to a “narcissistic pervert.” His fiery temper, “defeatist” side, and manner of speaking to the mother of his children have left his Twitter followers speechless. Many of them felt a lot of “sadness” for the former Miss France.

“honor and shame”

There was a real contrast between the duo formed by Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Vincent Leonard and the duo of Ennis Rig and Anais. If the first is considered “poisonous” and annoying to Internet users, then the second brings joy and humor to viewers. Beijing Express fans have rediscovered the comedian. And one thing is for sure, his relationship with his sister has stunned Twittos. Between them, there is “only love and charity.”

Finally, tensions between the former Miss France and her lover subsided. They regained some cohesion at the end of the adventure. Unfortunately, this did not allow them to win this season 16 in the “Beijing Express”. They were preceded by Ines Reg and Anis. The two sisters were adorable and didn’t leave them. With their win, the sister duo enabled Utopia 56 to raise €21,000.

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