“Betty Stream”, the site that offers ten minutes of fame to viewers who have few spectators

“274! Oh my God.” Half elated, half stunned, amateur videographer at Twitch channel controls xXen_os counts people watching him play live, Thursday, August 4. A young man in his twenties who was then active in video games Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Do not use for such an audience: “I’ve always had five or six viewers [spectateurs]Mostly friends. So it was not the same. I’m shivering here! » He shouts in a joking tone.

This unknown has found himself by surprise in the spotlight thanks to PetitStream.com. This site streams content live from French-speaking Twitch channels with less than five viewers. For ten minutes, site users (up to 400 or 500 people at the peak of the day), all at the same time, arrive on a completely randomly chosen channel. They are invited to watch the channel, to comment on it, to discuss with the videographer, who in general is not accustomed to arousing so much interest. Before it all vanishes at the end of the countdown, head out en masse towards the next small channel set by Petit Stream. In short, the 2022 edition of the famous Warholian Quarter Hour novel.

Uneven distribution of views on Twitch

The goal of Petit Stream is to encourage these videographers with discreet audiences, while introducing the audience to new channels, explains to Globalism Jean-Philippe its creator. The idea arose in the mind of the 33-year-old Twitch fan after reading an article by Globalism Released in 2021 with the title “In the Breaks of Twitch, the World Touches Non-Spectator Banners”. One stat shocked him: 95% of streaming devices produce content for five people or less.

He laments the chasm separating the gondola-headed minority on the Amazon-owned platform and the hidden majority that operates it. “Some have not had the luck of being promoted while they are already very professional. They have designed leather and are very comfortable in front of the camera”, details about the robotic entrepreneur who developed the project in his spare time. The project that demonstrates that he does not wish to generate income.

Launched on July 30 and shared without fanfare on r/france, the French-speaking homepage of the popular Reddit discussion forum, the site immediately got excited. So much so that in the online messaging platform Discord, a dedicated server for Petit Stream attracts 1,600 people in less than a week.

“What is your favorite salad? »

The fan dynamic is evident in the Twitch Pages chat featured on Petit Stream. When asked by curious and enthusiastic onlookers, questions flow to operators: What games do they recommend? How old are they? Where do you live ? or, unexpectedly, “What is your favorite salad? “. A recurring topic, first launched as a joke, which today fuels great discussions.

Spectators are also responsible for explaining what is happening to them. “We come to spend ten minutes with you, we are not robots!” warns with a message posted on Friday, August 5 in the chat. In fact, some players who do not believe them imagine that the unexpected increase in views is due to “bots” (bots) that generate false opinions on Twitch, and you can get annoyed with them. Sometimes they are phlegmatic when trying to stay focused despite the influx of spectators, often amazed at being the target of such attention, streamers (for a large part) always on the move always to take advantage, up to the ten minute time, with their idols usually enjoying Just.

And then, at the end of the ten-minute countdown, Petit Stream goes off. This is the game! Its audience is then automatically redirected to another account. But these few minutes are enough for some live stream creators to seduce their short-lived audience, which sometimes continues or even subscribes. “With luck, I will turn 50 [abonnés] », hopefully xXen_os. Mission accomplished at the end of her pass under the spotlight. He is also happy to see that out of more than 270 people connected, about sixty have chosen to stay on his channel to listen to him talk about his intense passion for Japanese role-playing games.

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