Beverly Hills: Actress from the series is in critical condition, netizens can’t believe

L ‘The main actress of the series Beverly Hills 90210, Dennis Dawes was hospitalized in serious condition. She would have contracted a viral type of meningitis. Her sister Tracy Dawes relayed the news on her Instagram account on Sunday, August 7. many fans of it They witnessed their prayers and support them on the web. position zoom.

The Beverly Hills 90210 actress is in critical condition

I searched Tracy Dassos Support his sister’s fans During this very difficult moment for her. Of a highly secretive nature, she made sure to address all those who knew the former Beverly Hills actress, in order to help her.

“I ask for support and prayers for me and my sister, my only close family Denise Dawes. She is now in the hospital in a coma caused by a malignant form of meningitis,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

At the same time, I participated Dennis picture. Tracy sticks to the “positive and active” posts from her followers. Even though she’s trying to keep her spirits up, she knows that her sister in serious condition. Doctors do not know when the actress will come out of her coma. Tracy has cause for concern. Since his condition Not medically induced.

More serious than you think!

The Malignant meningitis Dennis Dawes has swelling of the membranes that protect the spinal cord and brain. In his case, the questioner surrounds his spinal cord Infected with a foreign body, a virus.

Medical news today claims that when This disease is sufficiently advancedNeurological damage occurs. Then the patient falls into a coma. Bacterial or viral meningitis is uncommon. Unfortunately, Dennis Dawes now owns it.

Prayers and encouragement messages for the Beverly Hills star

several people Reply to Tracy’s post. This is the case of former Beverly Hills actor Ian Ziering:

“Send my prayers and I hope the days are better. »

Stephen Howard, Former NBA playercomments:

“Send love, prayers and hugs to one of my favourites.”

‘Black-ish’ star Tracee Ellis Ross is very touched I sent several words of encouragement in the publication.

“May the universe send all it can muster and more to heal.”

she Send him all his prayers And all her love for this lady “who poured so much love into so many people.”

Comment from actress Erica Gimble It was very impressive From his colleagues:

“I send strong prayers to your dear sister Denise, who is also a wonderful artist, who inspired me with her wonderful work on stage… her love for work comes from her premiums… and this dear person. I hope you and Denise feel all the love, prayers and support that surrounds you! Peace. »

the case Affected a lot of Internet users. They also put their links on the post.

“May the healing power of God touch Mrs. Dennis. She has encouraged me over the years, even before I moved to Los Angeles. I will never forget his support and faith in me. I have confidence in a full and healthy recovery,” one wrote.

Another added:

“He raised his name to the sun!! Pray for his complete recovery.”

A talented and energetic actress

Dennis Dawes He had just celebrated his 64th birthday in February.

“She’s a vibrant actress and director and she should have many more years ahead of her,” her sister says.

This is actually Starring in a creative series Such as Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed, Criminal Minds, Gray’s Anatomy, Insecure. But that’s not all, I also played in Doctor Dolittle 2 by Steve Carr or Requiem for a Dream written by Darren Aronofsky.

Dennis Dawes’ agent Did not disclose any information about this incident. Therefore, fans of the latter are very concerned about the health of the actress. At the moment, no other news has been revealed since then This post on Instagram is from his sister.

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