Beware, great danger to French clubs

This new season is a kind of all-risk for the future of our French clubs in the UEFA Index. Moving into the new financial year offers a great service to our direct competitors, the Dutch and Portuguese clubs. At the end of the competitions last May, France ranked fifth with 60,081 points, comfortably ahead of Portugal (53.382 points) and the Netherlands (49.3 points). But with the UEFA calculation system based on the past five seasons, including the current one, the poor results (or lower quality) of our direct competitors for the 2017/18 season jump, narrowing the gap mechanically.

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Bad news for us, as the Champions League format changes by 2024/2025. As a reminder, fifth place in the UEFA Index would benefit from an extra place in C1 than is currently being done. If we stop the time now, 3 French clubs will qualify directly, while the fourth in the Ligue 1 at the end of the season will risk a playoff. It is imperative to maintain this position, at risk of slipping into sixth, which amounts to the same status as today (two teams qualifying directly in C1, a third with two qualifying rounds to pass).

The gap has narrowed significantly compared to last season

The Netherlands have been the biggest beneficiary of this change of season since the 2.9 points they earned in 2017/18 have gone missing. For comparison, France had 11.5 units this season. The difference is 8.6 points, no more. So we better understand our urgency on the continental stage. Before the second leg of the third round of qualifying for the Champions League yesterday, two small points separated our two countries, even the Dutch bypassed the Portuguese. The situation could not have been better with PSV Eindhoven qualifying in the C1 qualifiers at the expense of Monaco last night, as well as Benfica.

The rank weakened again. With our 49.997 points, we are more than ever in the crosshairs of our direct competitors (Netherlands, 48.1 points, Portugal, 45.716). And if by chance Eindhoven and Benfica manage to get past the play-offs, we will face even more difficulty because participation in the Champions League always offers more rewards than other European cups. Batavian will have two teams in C1, like France, and even three for the Portuguese team. More than ever, it has become urgent to get good results on the continental arena, under penalty of being Turkey’s farce at the beginning of the 2024 school year…

Ranking of countries according to the UEFA coefficient during the past five seasons (between 2018 and 2023):

-1. England 88,855 points

-2. Spain 78.712 points

-3. Germany 67.856 points

-4. Italy 61,854 points

-5. France 49,997 points

-6. Netherlands 48100 points

-7. Portugal 45,716 points

-8. Scotland 34100 points

-9. Austria 30,500 points

-10. Belgium 29700 points

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