Beyond Good and Evil 2: Unreassuring news?

game news Beyond Good and Evil 2: Unreassuring news?

Beyond Good and Evil is an exceptional game with mixed sales, and it remains one of the staples of the console generation of the early 2000s. For years, players have been hoping for a sequel that was finally confirmed in 2016. Since then, multiple events have affected development and it’s clear that the wait is (very far) far from over.

Obstacle-covered creativity

Since Michel Ancel’s departure in 2020, information about Beyond Good & Evil 2 has become scarce. To tell the truth, for two years, apart from some rumors in the lobby, the project has been kept very secret and not meant to reassure fans who have been waiting for this sequel. Just before leaving, the interested party emphasized the good development performance and a few weeks ago, the video game industry echoed the first internal tests and some images circulated, suggesting a title that is – for now – less detailed than the gameplay stages that Ubisoft revealed in 2018. Suggesting that development is very far from over…

Several additional years of development?

If development of Beyond Good and Evil 2 continues and is clearly moving in the right direction, some rumors point to a work that is still far from complete. At one time, unnamed sources indicated that the project lacked a clear direction and that the tests were not conclusive. A few months ago, Tom Henderson, a general insider and a source of recent information, reported that the game was sometimes mocked internally, to the point of taking the title of Skull & Bones 2.0, another production from the French studio, long considered to be Arlesian.

All of these voices coming from the industry suggest a development time of at least two years, if not more. Especially when you know that screenwriter Sarah Arellano, who actually works on World of Warcraft, just joined the team. We can thus imagine that many aspects of the software are moving in the right direction, but it will take a long time for it to become a marketable video game. Finally, among the gray areas, the positive thing to leave out is that the game continues to develop and appears to be on the right track.

Video games have learned to make us patient, but there are certain licenses that have become champions in this field. After Duke Nukem Forever, Shenmue, and now Beyond Good & Evil 2, who’s next? Well yes, Half-Life 3, but unfortunately nothing concrete for a long time …

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