Big recall across France: don’t consume this rice from this brand

The number of products subject to returns is increasing day by day. After butter, milk, or even turkey cutlets, it is rice’s turn to be the subject of the retrieval procedure. In fact, as the Rappel Conso site points out, some rice packaging shouldn’t be removed from the shelves. Find out all the details.

All you need to know

Recall Conso informs consumers that packaged rice is subject to a recall procedure. The site states on its Twitter account the following:

“Investigations conducted due to the detection of aflatoxin in certain batches in Europe, led to the recall and recall of this product as a precaution.”

Golden Sun Reclaimed Rice. Il a été commercialisé dans certains supermarchés Lidl et provient du lot 20364625. La date limite de consommation est fixée au 13 juillet 2023. Health problems.

This is why people who bought it should not consume it. Rappel Conso invites them to return the rice packets to the point of sale for a refund. You can contact Consumer Service at 08 00 90 03 43 for more information.

In the comments bar of the post provided by Rappel Conso, Lidl France commented:

“I confirm that this article is indeed the subject of a product recall from Lidl France. You can go to the Lidl supermarket of your choice with your items for a refund (even if you no longer have the receipt). »

Remember the vanilla ice cream

Like rice packs, several batches of ice cream undergo a massive recall. the reason ? Ethylene oxide (ETO) found in products is higher than normal. Note that the origin of this recall is only one flavor: vanilla.

Here is the vanilla ice cream that you should no longer eat:

  • Vanilla ice cream in tubs 460 ml from batch 3415581311716
  • Vanilla ice cream in tubs 95 ml from batch 3415580503518
  • Vanilla ice cream in tubs of 650 ml from batch 3415581101010
  • Vanilla set: 4 cans of 95 ml of batch 3415581586718

The above products were marketed throughout France between November 2, 2021 and July 6, 2022. The minimum durability date is between July 6, 2022 and May 21, 2023.

Those who have these products in their possession should not consume them. It is recommended to throw it away or return it to the store before September 6, 2022 for a refund.

Remember mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella was also pulled. the reason ? Contains Listeria monocytogenes. The products reported are:

  • Mozzarella is packed in bags of 300g: it was on sale from June 9 to July 5 in many supermarkets Vival, Spar, Cora, Auchan, Carrefour, Carrefour Market, Intermarché, Super U, ITM Proxi, E. Leclerc, Prodilac, Monoprice . They come from Lot L22152 to Lot L22169 and have the item code GTIN 8001230018416.
  • Cheese balls: Marketed between June 9 and July 5 2022, they come from batch L22152 to batch L22169 and have GTIN item code 8001230018423.

People who have consumed the products and who show symptoms of listeriosis should inform their physician. As Rappel Conso explains, this disease can be very dangerous, which is why you should be very careful.

If you have these products at home, you should dispose of them or return them to the point of sale. You can also call Consumer Service at 0800800878 if in doubt.

For information, a list of all products subject to product recall is available on the Rappel Conso website. Created at the initiative of the government, the platform lists all product categories except for pharmaceuticals. You can go there whenever you want to stay on top of the latest reminders.

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