Bilal Hassani and Marie Anis Jello, new jurors for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on TF1

New in “Dancing with the Stars”! At the beginning of the next school year, TF 1 opens the 12th edition of the dance competition hosted by Camille Compal. The nominees for this new season will be judged by a partially revamped jury. Existing since the first release, Chris Marquez will find his chair without worry. “It contains the history of the show right from the start and remains the scariest note, even if it tends to water down over time,” said Frederic Pedraza, TF 1 deputy director of production, who is making the show for BBC Studios France.

Promoted to star dancer at the Paris Opera last spring, François Allu is back for a second engagement. The head of the production company rejoices, “He has the meaning of the verb, a kind of benevolence and he embodies modernity, especially thanks to his own being.” The 28-year-old’s recent promotion did not affect his comeback in any way. “He really enjoyed the competition last year and booked us a special place in his very full schedule,” the producer confirms.

Gilot has been courting for several years

But he won’t be the only star dancer. Because from now on, “Dancing with the Stars” will welcome Marie-Agnes Giillo, the first dancer to be named a contemporary dancer in 2004 and a member of Les Enfoirés since 2016. A recruiter wooed for many years, who had already stood out in “Best Dance” at W 9 and M 6 in 2011 and 2012. “She’s a great dancer and performer, as Frédéric Pedraza explains. She is above all a bold and visionary artist. She was one of the first to push back the walls of the Paris Opera, designed hip-hop, and created Its own academy… I watched it so far. It’s a real crush.”

Finally, after Shyam and Mr. Pokora previously, Bilal Hassani will take his place on the jury. A surprise for the person who stunned the public and the pros last year alongside Jordan Molerac but had to bow out in the final against singer Tyke. “He will represent the new generation, the producer believes. Chris Marquez was one of the first to tell us this. Because with Bilal, the young viewer will have a judge who can recognize him. He was a candidate who gave us an exceptional show last year, week after week. And who knows very well the cogs and the little pitfalls that can be found in this type of competition.”

Dennitsa Ikonomova, she will not be a judge … nor a candidate

On the other hand, Jean Paul Gaultier is coming out after only one season. But for schedule reasons, we are confident on the production side. “He has a crazy project this fall because he’s the artistic director of a show at Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin, justifying the guy who recruited him a year ago. And the door doesn’t close on a future comeback.”

As for Dennitsa Ikonomova, she will not be a judge … nor a candidate. Frédéric Pedraza announced, “We offered him to come back to Earth but his schedule wouldn’t allow him. She is preparing the choreography for a big movie at the beginning of the school year and working on another feature film.” However, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ will be able to count on the dancer. With four victories. “You’ll be back around an event on the show,” says the producer.

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