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Last night, the President and Owner of Girondins de Bordeaux was at After Foot on RMC Sport. Find his notes below.

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We did not criticize the initial decision.

Gerard Lopez on RMC Sport: Since the appeal to the DNCG, many things have happened. To go back to the call, I will not repeat what has already been said, in the first place one element was missing above all, but for fairly obvious and obvious reasons. Everyone received requests from the DNCG, and everyone worked on the responses.

It was clear and obvious to all these people, institutions and companies, not to me but. Maybe the connection wasn’t good.”

“We reduce the club’s debt by 40 million euros”

“So we simplified everything and did two things: first, 24 million euros were blocked with the conciliator instead of the 10 million euros that had been initially planned, and 14 million euros were placed in custody by the club which means that the club remains Ligue 2, money Theirs.

The second proof that we have just completed is that we have reduced the debt of the club by 40 million euros. We reached an agreement with the lenders because we went from 53 million euros to 13 million euros.

The decision of the Court of First Instance was not criticized. We don’t understand the appeal decision, and we’re not the only ones who don’t. If it’s going to go all the way, let it be Fortress, let it be King Street, let it be the shareholders, that is, me, the staff, etc. Obviously, we’re going to court because of bias.”

“For me, the club will not go to National 3”

“We have passed the Appeal Board through solid answers to all the questions that have been put to us. The answers that have been reviewed by institutions, and reviewed by reputable companies, are all in line.

We’ve taken the stimulus letter, found egregious errors in the law, simplified responses to DNCG requests in the first place and we’re convinced of our case. If the decision remains in the state, the club will be liquidated. – So you will necessarily leave – not necessarily.

For me, he won’t go to National 3 but we’ll see. The club is not in default. It is a well-functioning company. Sportively, it performs very poorly, but economically it has not performed badly, we give the necessary guarantees. So the club should be treated fairly.”

“I understand that people are not happy”

“I understand that people are not happy/happy, and they hate me because they go back to the social plan. This club cannot exist only on TV rights, T-shirts and entrances. This year, half of the stadium was closed to cut costs.

The only leverage is buying and selling players. I apply a model that may not be popular, works well in other industries but may not be acceptable in football.”

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