Boris Johnson said he was “horrified”, and the French political class protested this “barbaric” act

“barbaric”And the “Despicable”And the “Unbearable”. These are the words of the French political class to rehabilitate the aggression of British writer Salman Rushdie on Friday, August 12th in New York State. author Satanic Verses He has been the target of a fatwa from the Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini for more than thirty years.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Twitter “It amazed us that Sir Salman Rushdie was stabbed in the exercise of a right that we must not stop defending”referring to freedom of expression.

On the French side, Emmanuel Macron also responded at the end of Friday evening. “For 33 years, Salman Rushdie has personified freedom and the fight against obscurantism.”The president wrote on Twitter. “Hate and barbarism have just struck him, a coward. His battle is global. Today, more than ever, we are on his side.”

Inside the government, the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdel-Malik, denounced on Twitter a “a barbaric act” praised by 33 years of courage. The Minister of National Education, Bab Ndiaye, praised the writer “A symbol of freedom and erudition, which will not be stopped by Islamic obscurantism”.

National Assembly Speaker Yael Brown Bivey described a “committed thinker”And the “Today’s victim is an attack as cowardly as it is despicable.”. The leader of Ennahda has deputies in the assembly, Auror Bergé, Salman Rushdie Expression of freedom.

“It is a symbol of resistance against the Islamic tyranny that has been attacked”For his part, the President of the National Assembly, Jordan Bardella, responded. “This attack proves that the Islamists will never disarm.”Perpignan Mayor Louis Elliott, a candidate for the presidency of the National Rally, added.

“The religious fanatics who issued fatwas against him are undoubtedly responsible.”Insoumis Alexis Corbière, deputy, tarnished the reputation. ‘They were stabbed by the hatred of Islamists’, criticized communist leader Fabian Roussel. Boris Valo, leader of the Socialist deputies, condemned the attack “serious and unbearable” While the head of the environmental group in the association, Julien Bayo, criticized A A disgusting fatwa.

About the former right-wing presidential candidate Valerie Pecres Salman Rushdie Embodies freedom of expression in the face of Islamist authoritarians. This was estimated by Interim Republican President Annie Jennard “Our democracies must fight without weakness against an enemy that plays in the long run to curtail our freedom.”.

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