Britney Spears’ stinging lawyer responds to Kevin Federline



While Kevin Federline posted two videos of Britney Spears, secretly filmed by their sons, the star’s attorney responded in a lengthy press release.

Kevin Federline attacks his ex-wife Britney Spears for several days. While he gave an interview to ITV in which he explained that their two sons refuse to see her, particularly because of her nude photos on Instagram, he went even further on Wednesday by posting secretly filmed videos. We see the singer reprimanding her sons and asking them to respect her. If Kevin Federline believed that the images would play in his favour, proving, according to him, the instability of his ex-partner, then this is the opposite effect that occurred. The vast majority of netizens not only defended the star, explaining that the two clips simply showed a mother trying to raise her teenage children, but also angered the star’s lawyer. Matthew Rosengart, who helped the “Baby One More Time” singer get out of his father’s tutelage nine months ago, responded in a lengthy statement. Britney Spears is a talented, hard-working icon who is respected by millions around the world. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Mr Federline, who, for unjustified reasons, decided to attack her for free in an interview that hurt the mother of his children,” he said.

He went on to recall how much he loved his client and his two sons, ages 15 and 16, before reminding the former dancer who was her husband in the 2000s, that he “not only violated the dignity of the mother of his children, but did the same.” With his children, who must protect their privacy.” According to Matthew Rosengart, in addition to the ITV interview, Kevin Federline made a “cruel” and “less than anything” decision by choosing to publish the two videos of the star.” In addition to belittling herself Violating societal norms, it has also created many legal issues for itself, including but not limited to the implications of cyber-harassment and cyberbullying laws, among others.”

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“We are exploring all appropriate remedies against him.”

Matthew Rosengart, who once again notes how honorable he is for allowing Britney Spears to regain her dignity by freeing her from her father’s tutelage, asserts that he “would not tolerate any new form of harassment” against him. “We are working with Instagram to ensure that Mr Federline adheres to its rules, and we are exploring all appropriate remedies against him,” he added. The videos have since been deleted from his account.

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Britney Spears’ husband, Sam Asgari, has spoken twice since the Daily Mail revealed the first excerpts from the interview. He wrote on Instagram: “Boys are so smart, they’re going to be 18 soon to make their own decisions and may eventually realize that the ‘hard’ part was being a daddy role model that hasn’t worked much since then. It’s been 15 years.” And add: “Kevin’s lifestyle will soon come to an end, which probably explains the timing chosen to make these hurtful statements.” A reference to the fact that, according to the majority of her children, his wife is no longer obliged to pay alimony to her ex-husband. Since their divorce and guardianship, Britney Spears has already paid a large sum of money to her ex-husband, who is the father of six children in total, with three different women, allowing him to lead a comfortable life. A source close to the star told Page Six on Thursday that the former dancer-turned-DJ is doing everything to “use his kids” against the star.

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