Bubba and Rohf announced a ‘historic’ boxing fight

Boxing – The two rappers have been looking for each other for years. From now on, Booba and Rohff want a historic battle!

Rap fans already know that the two men have been looking for each other for years. Whether through the intervening media or in their own tracks, The war is never over. Moreover, BubaAnd his real name Elia JaffaShe is known to tickle many celebrities. If some manage to take it in second place or prefer to ignore it, this is not the case for everyone. This way, we all remember Stormy brawl at Orly airport between the latter and Karis. While an “octagon” tried to organize it, the project never saw the light of day. today, Booba accepts a fight with Rohff in the ring.

English boxing instead of Muay Thai

It’s hard to see a lot of the answers multiplying in both camps. to begin with, Bubba offered a moderated showdown to Rove. Hosni Mkoboyhis real name, did not wish to indulge in the media circus, instead he wanted to Bare-handed duel in the street. But since then, everything seems to have changed. That’s what Rove said to himself now Left face to face in the ring, with the audience, the referee and the rules. Therefore, Booba’s response was not long in coming. on me TwitterHe says in particular: “Oh Ruf, stop forcing, You know very well that I accept the fight, she suggested. in muay thai, I prefer Muay ThaiCurrently If you are afraid of Muay Thai, we do it in Muay Thai. I judge you too […] We’ll both get along, and I’ll fuck you. »

Two confident men in a “historic” show

On the same topic:

Quickly, as usual, Ruf answered Bubba. In fact, Hosny prefers direct confrontation in English boxing. Thus he cites such figures of noble art as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. The two men allow themselves some time to quietly prepare for the deadline. Booba must first perform his big concert in Stade de France, September 3. from his side, Rohff is on tour until the end of November.

Two rappers by numbers

Now we just have to wait for a possible confrontation. It’s hard to know how all this communication will end. If a duel occurs, the two men are Very different sizes. In fact, Booba measures 1m92 against Rohff’s 1m82, indicating a significant difference in length. Certainly the reason why NabilPreferably take advantage of Muay Thai. You will also have to find Compromise in terms of weight , so that none of the rappers are harmed. Imagine Rove Faster and more explosiveWhile Bubba will try to play with his stretch andPerhaps a more powerful strike force… case to follow!

photo creditsRohff “GM10” (William Thomas) clip / Booba “Variant” (Lionel Hirlé) clip

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