Camille Cerf pregnant? No, he’s just a regular person who gained weight

Camille Cerf pregnant? No, he’s just a regular person who gained weight Credit: Instagram

This Friday, August 5th, at 9pm, TF1 is broadcasting Les Touristes, Arthur’s Show. Among the guests, we find Camille Cerf. Miss France is often the victim of criticism about her body and her weight gain. A few days ago, she answered a series of questions/answers on her Instagram account to silence some rumors.

On Friday evening, TF1 broadcasts “Les Touristes”, Arthur’s program in which public figures will participate. These “tourists” have an appointment at the National Training Center of the Gendarmerie, in Saint-Easter, in the Dordogne. For three days and two nights, candidates for gendarmerie duties will train.

Among the characters chosen by Arthur, we find the sparkling Camille Cerf. A few days ago, the former Miss France posted on Instagram a picture of her. In this shot from one of her stays at the Château l’Hospitalet, Camille Cerf poses on a lounge chair in an orange bikini. If the reviews praising her beauty are numerous, then some users do not hesitate to fixate her extra weight, and even ask her about the possibility of pregnancy. Observations that disturb on several levels.

“It’s hard, it weighs me down a lot”

During an Instagram Q&A session on June 23, a Lille resident captivated a rather complicated period: a weight gain she could no longer control. “I’ve gained a bit of weight lately (I’d say 10-15 kilos, I don’t weigh myself) because of love, stress and a tough pace.” A situation in which she no longer finds herself. influencer noHe does not feel well and does not “recognize” himself.

The malaise was amplified by her photography career, as she confided on Instagram: “Some see themselves as bigger than they are, and I am on the contrary. […] In everyday life, I feel super thin so it is very difficult for me to face my reality in pictures or on TV.”

take cover with food

The young woman also evokes the paradox that haunts her: “It’s tough because even if I advocate Body Positive and find all bodies so beautiful, I’m so tough on my body.” Added to this feeling of malaise, annoyances that lock him in the vicious circle of food. “Since I feel bad about myself, I make up for it by comforting myself with food. I have a lot of work related turmoil at the moment. I hope it will be resolved soon so that I can finally feel better in my head and then in my body.”

This is not the first time that Camille Cerf’s physique has been publicly criticized on social networks. Around this time last year, she asked users to stop talking about “the size of her thighs.”

video. Camille Cerf: “I cried when I saw my photos without retouching after the year of Miss France. I didn’t think I had that much cellulite”

Regarding the speculation about a possible pregnancy, Camille Cerf, despite her anger, answered calmly: “I admit in these pictures, there seems to be a little bit of a bedouin so I guess the question if I’m pregnant comes from there.”

These comments are evidence, if necessary, that it seems legitimate to associate a woman’s pregnancy with weight gain or a slightly fuller belly.

These criticisms of her physical appearance come at a stormy time for the young woman. Comments on the body are on the one hand a form of psychological harassment and prove how diet culture is in our society. In a previous interview with Yahoo Life, Inès, a young anorexic, called on people to stop commenting about weight loss and weight gain in others, a way for her to undo some of the heavy burden of diet culture.

And if we leave Camille Cerf?

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