Can we fly with expired papers?

You may also have decided to leave this summer for a destination abroad for which you have already booked airline tickets. But the problem: Your identity papers (national identity card and passport) are expired. Do I have to cancel? Don’t panic, some countries accept expired papers. Here any of them.

ID card

Since January 1, 2014, the validity period of the ID card has been increased from ten to fifteen years for adults. If your ID was issued to you before 2013, it is valid for fifteen years, and if it was issued to you after 2013, it is also valid but only if it is an old form (blue plastic card). In the case of the new form (credit card format), the ID is only valid for 10 years.

Thus, in theory, it is possible to continue traveling in Europe with your ID card, five years after its expiration date. But beware, this French law does not apply in all countries. some have Officially confirmed its acceptance Old ID cards (within 5 years). This is especially the case in Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Monaco, Serbia and even Italy, but also for Tunisia (only for dual nationals or people participating in group trips organized by a tourism specialist) and Turkey .

Other countries have not officially spoken but Bearing These are old maps. In the European Union, this is the case with our German and Spanish neighbors, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Cyprus or even Romania and Sweden. Outside the EU, Liechtenstein, the Vatican, Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, and Morocco (only for dual nationals or people participating in group trips organized by a tourism professional), are also tolerated, presenting an expired ID.

Finally, the Belgian, Norwegian and Lithuanian authorities accept valid old ID cards (blue plastic) But do not accept expired ones.

A word of advice, before you book your flight, you can go to the State Department website, a list of countries that apply the 2014 law is available.


Regarding a flight with an expired passport, the rules are slightly different. A ruling by the Court of Cassation in February 2020 states that it is possible to travel throughout the European Union with an expired passport of less than five years. The European Convention allows a stay of less than three months in this case. However, the Netherlands and the French Overseas Territories have not signed this agreement, which means that it will be impossible to travel there with an expired passport.

Outside the European Union, a valid biometric passport is required, i.e. issued for less than ten years for an adult and for less than five years for a minor. Some, such as Australia, Thailand, the United States or even Vietnam, Cuba, India or China, go even further and require that the passport remain valid for at least six months after the date of entry or departure. For South Africa or Canada, this period is a minimum of one month. And for Mexico or Argentina, a passport valid for the duration of stay only is required.

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