Carsule: An innovative tent that attaches to the trunk of a car to turn it into a mobile home

For some, the holidays are over or coming to an end. For others who opt for quieter periods or who want to take advantage of the Indian summer, they will start in a few days or a few weeks. And if you are looking for a small pop-up tent that can be installed on your vehicle, we suggest you discover or rediscover Carsule, a cool retractable tent that can be installed in a few minutes in the back of your vehicle. With it, you can stop for the night, in front of a randomly discovered landscape, and need only a few moments to provide you with a comfortable shelter. Discovery!

Carsol is what?

This little pop-up tent was funded by a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and since its launch, users have been raving about its usefulness, Convenience and ease of assembly For everyone. It is only 2 meters high and is equipped with a layer of UV protection in case of prolonged exposure to the sun. Thanks to the built-in mosquito net and waterproof floor coverings, you are completely protected from insects and bad weather. This pop-up tent was designed by Mogics, a Nevada-based convenience company that also produces specialty items, such as general transformers and Wireless lighting fields; Carsule is one of the company’s newest niche products.

Tent hanging on the back of cars. Image credit: Mogics

Some additional details…

This pop-up tent is a small lounge that you can add to all vehicles equipped with a tilting tailgate, including minivans, people carriers, SUVs, and station wagons. The steel structure helps withstand wind and adverse weather conditions thanks to Ceiling tension ropes and fixing strap Which makes it perfect for your car. The small tent is built of UV-resistant and waterproof materials, and the space offered is not only designed for sleeping, but also for sleeping.r make up a small living room Take meals for example. The chassis of the Carzole is made of four aluminum rods, and consists of two metal spring buckles. Once the tent is open and upright in its cube shape, users can secure it to the trunk door using an adjustable tie-down strap.

Great Deal at Deals New Atlas!

Currently and for a limited time, the Carsule is $299.99 instead of $379 on Deals New Atlas. Saving $80, which will undoubtedly allow you to enjoy good times during a future stay. You can also guarantee your Carsol for an additional 2 years ($35.99) or 3 years ($49.99)s, the initial warranty is one year. For this price, you will buy a black tent made of polyester canvas. Dimensions 1.98 meters high, 1.77 meters wide and 1.98 meters long. It is assembled in five minutes thanks to its pop-up system and contains the following components:

  • Integrated mosquito net
  • anti-ultraviolet coating;
  • Waterproof and sturdy floors.
  • roof tension ropes
  • anchor belt
  • magnetic ropes
  • Frame connections are easy to connect;
  • Lightweight assembly bars
  • screw stakes and guy lines;
  • thick mat
  • Two-tier multi-screen windows.

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