Cecile (married at first sight) is in a panic: her daughter Anisa is disfigured and ends up in the emergency room!

A former candidate married at first sight made her news online on August 4. To everyone’s surprise, she did not talk about her relationship. The latter was there to make an emergency call! Is she in trouble? To find out, we invite you to read this article carefully!

Married at first sight: Cecil is in a panic!

On August 4, 2022, the mother looked dazed on the web. We found out, because the latter called everyone on social networks to ask for help. This is a married symbol candidate at first sight!

We no longer recognize her as Alan’s ex-wife in the adventure. Here I found our star of the moment! We’re talking about Cecil from season five. Why is this young woman calling out a distress?

It turns out that Cécile from Married at First Sight is worried about her daughter. According to the information obtained, the latter was on vacation alone in Barcelona for a few days. That day, Anisa called her on the phone to tell her that her allergy had resurfaced.

So, she felt bad and didn’t know how to treat her. Despite her willingness to help, Alan’s ex-wife was helpless from afar. Hence, he asked his subscribers to help him !

Anisa’s mother was looking for someone to support her daughter there!

What kind of help was the “Married At First Sight” contestant looking for? Knowing the fragile state of Anisa’s health, Cecile was always a mother with her. daOn her Instagram story, the young woman admitted that she was already against this Travel.

However, it was her daughter who insisted so she had to give up. Now she regrets that she cannot support Anisa in this difficulty! Hoping to bump into a good Samaritanshe begged her subscribers in Barcelona to help her daughter!

Cecil got married at first sight: her daughter was hospitalized due to an allergy story!

She has made her application widely available in Spanish on the web. Fortunately, his complaint was heard. A few hours later, the daughter of a candidate married at first sight arrived in good hands.

In other words, She received the necessary care to stop her allergy. For this purpose, his runny nose, swollen face and lethargic limbs were resolved. Although the doctor revealed that her face would take some time to return to its original appearance. The important thing is that Cecil is comfortable now!

Married At First Sight: Cecil is back on the web with good news!

After her panic attack episode, Cecile D Married at first sight returned to social networks the next day.

This time, she was wearing her best smile as if nothing had happened the day before. His reaction is very normal, because She came to announce great news !

“She’s doing better,” said this ‘married at first sight’ contestant of her daughter. She then showed some sarcasm and humor saying, “…but she will look like Cinoke for a few days.”

Which indicates that she is happy now! to end, Thank you everyone !

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