Celsius boss is discreetly trying to infiltrate his CEL (and he’s missing)

Between the hammer of legal authorities and the anvil of its victimized community, many onlookers watch what remains of Celsius with intent. However, the pressure is clearly insufficient to prevent its famous CEO Alex Mashinsky from trying to liquidate some of the CELs that have not been seen or known. Spoiler: The mere existence of this article indicates that this attempt failed miserably.

An initiative that does not lack CEL

Movement is observed at first on TWITerrier Which is reported by Coindesk. And it’s usually this kind of petty accounting manipulation that tends to discredit an entire file with so many zigzags that it’s likely to go on for years.

This file is clearly a brutal and sudden bankruptcy file for a percentage point. Bankruptcy itself after the general failure of the LUNA ecosystem.

And if this 3-act drama, which ends up putting the company under the protection of New York Bankruptcy Court, has left the community in a state of advanced stupor, it seems that the management team has quickly regained its senses and business. sense. This is evidenced, for example, by the small scandal that occurred a few days ago regarding the reappointment of the CFO of Celsius at an astounding price of…. $93,000 a month, you read that right. Thousands of victims who lost access to their funds on the platform overnight will be happy to put them to good use.

A new illustration of the apparent detachment (and underlying sense of impunity) of the Centennial Leaders, he is now the Grand Chief Himself Alex Mashinsky who was caught in the decentralized jam jar pulling out some new coins.

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pocket money

It is reported that since the closure of withdrawals on the Celsius platform, all operations are supposed to be frozen, against the background of liquidation procedures.

We also know with relative accuracy what tokens Mashinsky holds from his own company, especially since a recent study by Arkham Intelligence showed that he was one of the main owners (and has sold in recent years for $44 million, think about it. Next time he asks you to) Project to be “strong” And the “Diamond hands”).

In the case of the procedure, and a few days before the court appearance, nothing prevents Alex Mashinsky from getting rid of the symbols he sees fit. However, it will be agreed that the captain of a ship that feeds on water on all sides is more likely to remain at the helm, rather than quietly monopolizing the few remaining lifebirds.

And from this angle, I noticed the moves this weekend on the Celsius Challenge CEO headlines. In fact, Mashinsky (or the person who controls the wallet) has sold CEL tokens several times since Saturday. There are 17,475 CEL exchange transactions for $28,242 Ether (ETH) on the UniSwap decentralized exchange. These are the first moves since the end of May and the industrial disaster that befell the company.

If the magic of blockchain makes the slightest movement of an asset glaring and impossible to conceal (a highly strategic topic for the US Treasury that is now showing its fangs), the network remains silent when it comes to the motives behind a move or withdrawal. So the floor will now be given to Chief Celsius to explain to his community the reasons for this secret and inappropriate attempt to infiltrate.

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