“Chain of malfunctions”, “Massive damage to the image of France”

Senator Laurent Lavon (UDI), Chair of the Cultural Committee, spoke on Wednesday, July 13 ‘A series of disruptions’ To explain the events that took place at the Stade de France during the UEFA Champions League Final on May 28th.

specially male “to fail”, like that “Underway” that in ” Prepare “ from the sporting event. “Everyone was on their way without any real coordination”As the senator noted during a press briefing organized to present the Senate report this evening on the fiasco.

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The analysis by the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanen, who blamed this failure on the massive presence of counterfeit banknotes held by English proponents, ‘He wasn’t the right person’Mr. Lavon denounced. “It was a partial and inaccurate analysis.”He said. “The first statements did not correspond to the truth”François-Noel Buffett (LR), chair of the Law Committee, also denounced.

Senator Michael Savin (LR) denounced in a press release The position of the Minister of the Interior During sessions which, according to him, “We will not allow our committee to fully understand what happened.”

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The Senate report recommends fifteen measures, including those forimposed on operators Keep CCTV footage “For one legal month” or even “Make the use of non-tamper-proof banknotes mandatory.”. To Mr. Lavon, then “The management of the ticket office was inadequate”she It cannot in any way be considered the sole cause or cause of accidents..

‘Great damage to France’s image’

Spectators without tickets climbing the stadium gates, others with tickets but cannot enter, families being sprayed with tear gas by police or robberies and assaults by opportunistic criminals… It was scheduled to be a show for just over a year from the Rugby World Cup and before the games. Summer Olympics in two years, but the May 28 match between Real Madrid and Liverpool turned into a nightmare.

Among the people tested by senators since 1Verse June: Officials of sporting bodies, representatives of Liverpool supporters and French authorities, including the controversial Paris police chief, Didier Lalman, who announced his departure on July 20, and Gerald Darmanin.

The latter had asserted, against most observers at once, that too many English supporters had presented themselves. “No ticket or with fake tickets”. His interpretations were also challenged by UEFA, which counted just 2,600 fake tickets at the gates. Under pressure from critics, the minister ended up admitting at the end of June ‘share of responsibility’ In the evening failures and repeat her “apologies” for supporters.

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Beyond the police’s management of the incidents, the controversy has also been fueled by the failure to save part of the CCTV images of the Stade de France, which qualifies as “gross misconduct” Written by François-Noel Buffet.

Parallel to the Senate’s work, Ministerial Delegate for Olympic Games and Major Events, Michelle Cadot, noted in a first report submitted to the Prime Minister, Elizabeth Bourne, that “Failures” And the response of the organization and the police to the incidents that caused, he said ‘Great damage to France’s image’.

Without waiting for the verdict of the senators, mI Bourne has already instructed the Ministers of the Interior and Sports Implementation without delay Cadot Report Recommendations.

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